If you are marketing the products from AliExpress, or if you are a dropshipper with AliExpress, you would invariably need to download images and product videos from AliExpress. You are likely to come across a few situations where you may find that you are not able to download Aliexpress product videos. The video download option was recently removed, and you would only be able to play the videos.

How to download video from AliExpress?

There are several options available for downloading the embedded videos from AliExpress. Let us check out a few of the best options that can prove to be handy enough. Read on to find how to download videos from AliExpress.

Method 1:Use a Google Chrome Extension

One of the best options that can be handy enough in letting you download the videos from AliExpress can be to use a capable and reliable chrome extension designed specifically for the purpose.

The Video Downloader Plus is one of the unique and best Chrome extensions that you would find quite unique and exciting. The extension is completely free and should be your best bet for downloading practically any video from any site. This should be the easiest option to help you in how to download video from AliExpress.

The extensions provide you an option for the following:

  • You can take the screenshots of the main product, variations, and pictures
  • Save the photos as the ZIP files
  • Download the high-quality videos and images possible
  • You can even convert the WEBP images into JPG.

You will also find a few advanced features if you are looking to opt for any Pro Chrome extension instead of the free option that we outlined. You may also check out the best options in the form of other extensions such as Download Aliexpress Product Images & Videos.

You may also be interested in finding how to download Zoom video.

Method 2:Download your videos from the source code

If you find it a little inconvenient to use a Chrome extension or do not trust the extensions for whatever reason, it may be a good option to download the video from the source code of the video.

Here is how you can do it –

  • Play the video on your device
  • Right-click on the video and select the option for inspect
  • You would witness the HTML code for the AliExpress page that you are on.
  • Select the Elements tab
  • Locate the MP4 file in the source code. You can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F for finding the MP4 file
  • Copy the URL for the file and paste it in another tab on your browser.
  • You will be taken to a blank page with the auto play option.
  • Right click and choose the option Save Video as

That does it. You can configure the destination folder and download the video right away.

Check out the best methods to find how to download videos from Google Drive.

Method 3:Use a powerful Third-party downloader

Using a powerful and efficient third-party downloader should be your best bet for downloading your favorite AliExpress videos. It is always advisable to make sure that the downloader you choose should be able to provide you with a highly effective experience. This can be one of the most unique options for how to download an embedded video from AliExpress.

IceStream Downloader is one of the unique and efficient third-party downloaders that we found quite impressive and effective in more ways than one. In fact, it has been regarded as the ultimate option for downloading practically any content from several streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and a lot of them. A one stop solution for downloading videos from more than 1000 different video streaming services, it will be a great option for practically every video download that you may be looking forward to.

Some of the prominent options and features that you would find quite exciting in how to save video from AliExpress can include

  • Support for a wide range of streaming services:The support for a wide range of streaming services can be one of the strongest factors that would make it a truly formidable choices. You will be able to download videos and titles from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Paramount Plus and several other services. The service supports over 1000 different sites.
  • A high-quality video download option:The high-quality video downloads offered by the IceStream Downloader can be one of the excellent options ever. You would be able to download a wide range of video resolutions that include 1080p, 4K and 8K
  • Batch download capability:The batch or bulk download efficacy makes it one of the excellent options for your video downloads from AliExpress. You can download multiple videos simultaneously.
  • Fastest download capability:The fastest download capability can be one of the unique experiences ever for most of the needs that you may have. The titles can be downloaded in just under 5 to 10 minutes.
  • MP4 compatibility:The high-quality MP4 compatibility should be one of the most unique options that you would find quite exciting and unique. The fact that the MP4 file format is one of the widely used file formats should ensure that you would be able to play your downloaded videos on any device or platform.
  • High-quality audio resolution:The high-end audio resolution should be one of the unique options. You will be able to download your videos with either EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 sound channels.
  • Download the subtitles as per your preferences:The subtitles would assume a lot of importance in how to watch a video in a different language. The subtitle downloads either in the form of an SRT file format or an option to embed the subtitles into the video should make it a great option.
  • Built-in browser for enhanced experience:The downloader comes with a built-in browser capability. This would be helpful in watching, browsing and downloading your videos without the need to leave the app. This can go a long way in streamlining your experience.
  • Additional metadata information:The additional metadata information in the form of extra details makes it one of the excellent options for organizing your files. The extra details would include movie name, cast, season, episode title, etc.
  • Pick the audio and subtitle languages:The downloader lets you select the audio and subtitle language even before you download the video. You will be able to configure the downloader to configure your audio and subtitle languages as per the UI language of your software

In addition to the standalone downloader, you would find that the service also provides you access to an online downloader for the purpose. The downloader would be a great option for downloading videos from several sites and services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and more sites. You can either use the standalone downloader or the online downloader to find How to download product videos from AliExpress.

Is it legal to use AliExpress product videos?

As per the international copyright law, any video on the AliExpress cannot be copied without the explicit permission. If you do not have any relevant authorization, you are not allowed to use the AliExpress videos.

Depending on whether the video is owned by the vendor or the AliExpress, you may need to go with the appropriate copyright owner. You can promote them on your store, but not without any relevant permission for use of the image or the video.

Why download videos from AliExpress?

There are several benefits of downloading the videos from AliExpress. You would find that it can be quite beneficial in enhancing your experience in enjoying your marketing efforts like never before.

  • You can make use of them in your Facebook video ads. They have been found to be more powerful than the regular photo ads.
  • You can also make use of the videos in your Shopify and other marketing tools.

The Final Countdown

The AliExpress videos do play a major role in marketing their products on your portal. For this purpose, you need to download the embedded video from AliExpress. The best options outlined in the above discussion should definitely prove to be one of the excellent means to download your AliExpress videos. Each of them comes with outstanding performance and efficacy.

Our personal favorite is, of course, the third-party standalone downloader. The IceStream Downloader should be your best bet for practically every need that you may have in downloading your much needed AliExpress videos. The ease of use, simple interface, the high-quality video downloads, and a wide range of advanced features should make it one of the most formidable options ever. Download it today, and you will definitely find it one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

A few FAQs

Can I use videos from AliExpress?

Yes, you can make use of the AliExpress product videos for your stores. However, you may need to ask for the relevant permissions from the supplier.

Can I use AliExpress videos on YouTube?

You do not have the legal right to use any of the AliExpress videos on YouTube. If you are marketing the AliExpress products on your site or portal, you may need to take an appropriate permission from AliExpress.

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