Ever since the world has been facing the COVID 19 pandemic, the work from home culture has become a few of the prime options. Zoom is perhaps one of the excellent options that you would find quite interesting and unique options you would find quite impressive. The option for recording the Zoom videos is yet another great option that you would find quite an excellent option. But, can you download the videos from Zoom? Let us explore the best options from this perspective.

How do I download a Zoom recording to my computer?

Being able to record the Zoom meetings should be one of the excellent options that you would find quite an impressive option ever. However, how to record a Zoom meeting is beyond the scope of this discussion. For the sake of this post, we will assume that you have enabled the option for recording your Zoom meetings.

Before you can download your Zoom recordings, you need to find the location where the Zoom recordings have been saved on your computer. While you can do it rather easily on a browser, the desktop version of the Zoom client also provides you an option for the purpose.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch your favorite browser and visit the official Zoom site
  • Sign in to your account if you have not already signed in to the service.
  • From your main dashboard, choose the options for Recordings on the left-hand side menu.

  • You should be able to find the Local Recordings or Cloud recordings as per your preferences.

Please note that the Cloud Recordings are available only for the paid subscribers.

  • Click on the option Open besides the recording that you want to access.
  • You should find the recordings listed on your device.
  • Click on the Download option to begin downloading the recordings.

Once you download the video, it should be easy to understand how to share Zoom recording.

If you are on the desktop client, you can follow the steps here below to download your recordings. –

  • Open the Zoom desktop client on your computer.
  • Click on the tab for Meetings
  • On the left hand side menu, pick the option for Recordings.

You should find the option for the recorded content on your device. You can open them manually and download them on your device right away.

Yet another great option or a good option to help you download the Zoom recordings can be to use a capable third-party downloader as well. We would recommend opting for the KeepStream Downloader as one of the exciting options ever from this perspective. In fact, it has been regarded as one of the prime options for letting you download your Zoom recordings with ease and simplicity. The best part with it is that it is easy to find how to share Zoom recordings.

You may also be looking to find other great entertainment options, the resources here should be practical for you –

How can I download the Zoom video without permission?

If you do not have the permission to download a Zoom video or record it, the best option would be to use a screen recorder tool. The screen recorder software tools can be helpful in letting you download practically anything on your screen right away.

There are several options available for the best third-party screen recorder solutions that you would find quite interesting. You can make use of any of the best options based on your individual preferences. The best factor that goes in its favor of the screen recorder would be that the host would know that someone is recording the video using the third-party screen recorder.

How to download Zoom video on iPhone?

The steps involved in how to download Zoom video on iPhone can be the same as the steps involved in how to download the videos on an Android device or on a computer.

You would need to go with the options for recording the Zoom videos before you can download the recordings. Please note that the cloud recordings are available only for the paid subscribers.

The Closing Thoughts on how to download Zoom video

Well, Zoom has been one of the unique options in providing you access to remote meetings and online working options. If you are looking to get the most out of the Zoom meetings experience, one of the best options that you would want to go with would be to check out the ability to download the Zoom recordings. The tips above should be helpful in How to download the Zoom video.

There are multiple options that you would find quite impressive in helping you download your videos with ease. The ease of use, simplicity of the interface and a wide range of other parameters should definitely make it a truly promising option.

A few FAQs

Where are Zoom recordings stored on mac?

Wondering where do Zoom recordings go on Mac? Under ideal circumstances, you would find that the Zoom recordings are saved in this path- Finder > Documents > Zoom. The folder consists of several folders with dates. You can choose the folder with the date that you would want to check out.

How to find Zoom recordings in the cloud?

You can simply sign in to your Zoom account and click on the option for Account management. Then move on to recording management. You should find that you have a huge number of files of cloud recordings here.

Can I Play Downloaded Video on My Device?

The video downloaders will download the Zoom videos in the MP4 format, and you should be able to play your videos with ease and simplicity. You can play the videos on any device. Once you find the steps on How to download a Zoom video, you can easily play the downloaded video with ease.

Can I Share Downloaded Video with My Friends?

Once the videos have been downloaded onto your device, you should use them only for personal usage. You should not share them with your friends or on any sort of public forum or portal.

Is it legal to download videos from zoom.us?

That would depend on the terms and conditions of usage with Zoom. For the copyright free videos, you can download them for free use under the fair usage policy. If the video is copyright protected, you should take the appropriate permission from the owner of the video

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