The internet has become our new avenue for entertainment. From that perspective, it may be apt to consider it the new TV. There may be instances wherein you might have come across a video on a website and wanted to download it. However, there are chances that you are not able to download the content due to some protocols that prevent you from doing so. Let us explore how to download a video from any URL with ease. We will also check out the options on how to download blob video.

What is a Blob URL?

Blob stands for Binary Large Object. It is actually a collection of binary data that is used for saving images, audio, or other multimedia objects. The Blob URL can be used for serving as the URL source for the data contained in it.

However, a blob URL is created by the browser and cannot be easily downloaded onto your device. When you attempt opening the URL, you are likely to encounter the 404 error message. You may also come across an error message such as "Your file was not found". That would mean you would need to make use of a few specific techniques to find how to download blob video.

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How to download Blob video?

There are a few methods that can be handy enough in letting you understand how to download blob video. Blob is not actually a protocol, but it is a string of tags that are generated by the blob objects in HTML5. You will not be able to download these objects, but they are parsed by the browser internally to display the content.

Let us explore a few methods that can be handy from this perspective in how to download blob video.

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Method 1:Download with the direct URL

This should be the straightforward method and is useful in most of the sites if you are trying to find how to download blob video. We would recommend opting for this method first before moving on to other methods. It has been observed to work effectively on a wide range of streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to the website that you want to download the video from.
  • Right click anywhere on the screen and click on Inspect.

  • Makes sure that you have selected the Network tab
  • Search for the M3U8 file. You can use the CTRL+F keyboard shortcut and search for the link.

  • Click on the link and copy the content under Request URL.

Once you have got the video URL, you can make use of a converter to get access to the video download.

We would recommend you to use KeepStreams Video downloader for downloading the blob video, making use of the video link that you extracted using the above method. It would also be a reliable option to assist you in how to download videos from URL.

KeepStreams Video downloader is your best bet for practically every need that you may have in downloading your favorite videos from any site or URL. One-stop solution for your downloads; it does double up as a great source for your downloads.

Some salient features that make it a formidable choice in how to download blob video can include

  • The built-in browser for your downloads:the downloader features a built-in browser for all your downloads. You do not need to leave your app for any of your download requirements and can browse, watch and download the videos from within your browser.
  • High-quality downloads:High-quality video downloads are yet another primary factor that you would find quite impressive. You will be able to download your videos in 1080p, 4K and 8K
  • Better audio resolution:The ability for high-quality audio resolution is yet another prime feature that you would find much impressive. You can get access to EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 sound channels.
  • Extra metadata details:The additional metadata info lets you organize your downloads more efficiently. The extra details would include the name of the movie, duration, cast, synopsis etc.
  • Customized subtitle downloads:Customized subtitle downloads either in the form of separate SRT files or through embedding within the video. That should simplify your subtitle downloads
  • Preselection of audio and subtitle languages:The downloader lets you configure your audio and subtitle languages as per the UI language you have set. This can be useful in the case of videos that have multiple audio and subtitle languages.
  • Support for a huge range of sites:The downloader supports almost all the video sharing sites. In addition, you can find the downloader supporting over 1000 streaming and video sharing services.

Apart from the standalone downloader, the KeepStream Downloader also provides you access to an online downloader that can further simplify your download ability on a device that you may not be using regularly.

Method Online downloader has been one of the most popular options to download blob videos (or, for that matter, any online video). It can detect the blob URL as soon as you enter the URL. The service is capable of downloading your favorite videos from more than 40 different video sharing services that include YouTube, Break, Hotstar, Bilibili, Streamago, and many more. It can be your best bet on how to download video from URL – any URL, for that matter.

The online downloader can extract the video in multiple formats, a few of which would include MP4, FLV, or WEBM. You can also make use of an Android downloader if you want a standalone tool for your downloads.

Method 3:Use VLC Media Player to download Blob video

VLC Media Player has been one of the most popular video downloaders and is a great option to convert and download your favorite videos from different sites. One of the best options that it provides you is that it can detect the blob URLs and download the content saved in them on your device.

You can simply extract the URL by following the method outlined in the first method and then paste the link in the Media -> Open Network Stream path. You can insert the M3U8 URL as well, without the need for extracting the request URL.

Method 4:Freemake Video Converter

The Freemake Video Downloader and Converter are one of the best and unique options for downloading and converting your videos with ease. The service can efficiently download blob videos from practically any site.

Launch Freemake Video downloader and click on the option for Paste URL. Assuming that you have extracted the blob URL as in the above discussion, paste the URL in the space provided. Next, change the download parameters as per your preferences. Once that is done, you can simply click on Download to begin downloading your files.

You can also make use of the tool in how to download video from URL in addition to the blob URL.

The Concluding Thoughts

Downloading a video from a URL can be quite an extensive task. A blob URL can further complicate the matter for you and make the download difficult. Most of the downloader options do not support the blob URL, and that can be quite an annoying issue if you are checking out the options to download your videos. The methods featured and explained here should be helpful in providing you a better insight into how to download your blob videos or even any other videos rather easily and through simpler steps.

In our opinion and experience, we would recommend KeepStream Video downloader as one of the most preferred downloads for your blob URLs. The simple interface, ease of use, high-quality video and audio resolutions, freedom to select your preferred audio and subtitle languages and a host of other parameters should make it one of the highly formidable options ever. So download it today and stand to get the best possible download experience ever.

A few FAQs

How do I download a blob video from Facebook?

You can make use of a powerful and reliable blob video downloader for downloading videos from Facebook. Any online or standalone video downloader should do the trick. We would recommend using KeepStream downloader or online downloader.

How do I download blob audio?

To download blob audio, you need to extract the blob URL first and then use it with any of the downloaders that let you download the blob URLs. You check out a few formidable options such as KeepStreams Downloader, VLC media player or even Freemake video downloader.

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