Periscope has been one of the excellent options for live video streaming services, and it was launched by Twitter after acquiring the service in 2015. It should be your best option for broadcasting events and even downloading your personal videos. While you can replay the Periscope videos for 24 hours, it is not possible to download them onto your mobile or PC. We thought of resolving the issue and assisting you in how to download a Periscope video.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a simple to use live streaming service owned by Twitter. The service was acquired by Twitter in 2015 and has become quite popular over a shorter period of time.

Some of the features that make Periscope a great option can include

  • You can have interactive video communication with your friends. It can be your best option for a perfect live broadcast option.
  • It can be your best option for a perfect live broadcast option.
  • It can be your best option for searching the live videos from around the world.
  • You will be able to broadcast your videos live and privately to your specific followers.
  • It can be one of the excellent options for sharing your live videos to Facebook, Twitter & other social networks websites.

How to download a Periscope Video?

We will check out a few methods for downloading Periscope videos rather efficiently and effectively.

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How to download Periscope videos on iPhone?

The best option that can be handy in letting you find how to download a Periscope video on iPhone would be to use a screen recorder tool. The best that an iPhone would provide you would be to use Quicktime Player. It is a feature rich software available on iOS, and it can be a great option by several means.

Here is how you can go with the method –

  • Connect your iPhone with Mac using a USB cable
  • Launch Quicktime tool
  • Go to the new movie recording option from the File menu
  • Choose your iPhone from among the connected devices
  • Launch Periscope and begin playing your favourite video
  • Hit the Record button to begin recording your screen

You can also make use of the other screen recorder option as per your preferences.

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How to download Periscope videos on Android?

Once again, a screen recorder tool should be one of the excellent options for providing you access to a great degree of experience in how to download Periscope videos. Unlike iPhone, your Android devices too have a specific screen recorder tool for recording your videos as per your preferences and liking. Are you wondering how do I download Periscope videos on Android? The screen recorders should be the choicest option for you.

You may also make use of any of your preferred third-party online downloaders for this purpose. There are several downloaders that can prove to be quite effective. You can look for your preferred downloaders from your respective app stores.

How to download Periscope videos on PC?

How do I record periscope on my computer – is that what you are wondering about? If you are looking to download periscope videos on PC, it is advisable to check out the high-end options for the best third party downloaders. You can make use of a powerful screen recorder to ensure how to record Periscope on PC. There are plenty of great screen recorder tools that can get things done rather easily and simply.

The best part with the third party downloaders is that they offer you a wide range of advanced features and benefits. The KeepStream Video Downloader is one of the excellent options that can prove to be quite effective in providing you with one of the most unique experiences.

KeepStream Video Downloader is one of the most powerful and capable video downloaders ever. It lets you download your favourite videos from more than 1000 different sites and video sharing services. It should be a great option for downloading shows, movies, social media, and anime shows to name just a few. It is your best option to help you download Periscope video to PC.

Some of the salient features offered by the downloaders in terms of the best Periscope downloader can include

  • The top-quality video downloads:the downloader assures you get access to an enhanced download experience with high-quality video downloads. You will be able to download your videos in 1080p, 4K and even in 8K.
  • High-end audio performance:High-quality video downloads with an enhanced audio efficiency should be yet another great option. You can get access to EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 sound channels. That should be an outstanding option for the audiophiles
  • Batch download capability:The batch or bulk download feature should be one of the most unique options for downloading multiple videos in one go. You will also be able to download all the episodes from a single series.
  • Fastest video downloads:The fastest video download capability offered by the video downloader should indeed make it one of the right choices for an effective download. You can download your videos in just under 10 minutes
  • Customised subtitle downloads:The subtitles do play a major role in letting you enjoy a video in another language. The KeepStream Downloader lets you download your videos with the subtitle downloads as a separate SRT file, or you may consider embedding the subtitles into the video.
  • Additional metadata information:The downloader provides you access to an additional set of metadata information along with your videos. This will be helpful in organising your files rather effectively and efficiently. These extra details would include the name of the movie, show, cast, genre, plot setting, production details, storyline etc.
  • An option to pre-select audio and subtitle languages:The downloader provides you access to a great degree of efficiency in picking your audio and subtitle languages in a very effective manner. You will be able to configure the audio and subtitle languages as per your UI language.

The downloader also provides you access to one of the excellent options in terms of the online downloader. You can make use of the online downloader for an enhanced degree of experience when you do not have access to your own device. It can be a great and choicest option for your needs in terms of downloading content from over 1000 different sites.

The Final Wrap Up

Well, Periscope is one of the excellent options for live streaming, and the tool comes from Twitter. Launched in 2015, the streaming service became popular in a shorter span of time. If you are looking to enjoy the best experience in getting access to a great experience with your videos, it may be a worthy option to download the videos for offline viewing. You will find the download options outlined here should prove to be quite exciting and unique.

Well, if you are checking out the best options for downloading your favourite Periscope videos, it is advisable to go with the best third party downloader. KeepStream Video Downloader should be one of the choicest options for providing you with one of the unique options for enjoying a great downloading efficiency. The ease of use, high-quality video downloads, best audio resolution options, customised subtitle downloads, and a wide range of amenities should be what would make it a great formidable option ever. Download it today, and you will be able to enjoy the great experience ever. This should be your best Periscope downloader ever.

A few FAQs

How do I save Periscope video to my iPhone?

It would be advisable to make use of the screen recorder for downloading your Periscope videos. It would be a great option for recording practically anything on your screen, and that includes the Periscope videos as well.

How do I download Periscope videos?

Periscope does not let you download any of the titles on its platform. There are several options that can prove to be handy and effective in downloading your favourite Periscope videos. We would recommend using a third-party video downloader for an effective download efficiency and capability.

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