Roku streaming devices are practically the most-used streaming devices globally. They are pretty many of them, and there are lots of streaming apps and services you can get on a Roku device. However, one thing seems apparent while using Roku streaming devices; you’re likely to encounter different error codes and messages.

Roku error codes

There are many Roku error codes you may encounter while streaming with a Roku device. Interestingly, this article here provides a comprehensive list of virtually all Roku error codes you may encounter, and how you can navigate/fix the errors. The fixes/solutions explained here, work on all Roku streaming devices.

Comprehensive list of Roku Error Code and Solutions

1. Roku Error 001, 002, 003, 004, and 005

Roku Error 001, 002, 003, 004, and 005

These error codes mostly indicate that your Roku streaming device is unable to update successfully. They are all linked with device update issues; hence, the solution for fixing them is practically the same. If your Roku device cannot update, you need to troubleshoot it following the steps below.


  • Ensure that you have a strong, stable internet connection for the update to run successfully.

  • Turn off the device and power it back on

  • Roku software update occurs automatically, you don’t have to perform any actions; you only need a strong internet connection.

2. Roku Error 006

The error 006 code is also related to connectivity issues. However, this particular error typically appears due to verification failure. That is to say, the error appears when Roku servers cannot verify the details you provided (maybe due to weak internet).


Again, check your internet connection; if possible, switch your internet device; you could switch from mobile network to router/WiFi or vice versa. With a strong internet, this error is most likely not going to appear when you restart your Roku device.

3. Roku Error 008

Roku Error 008

You would only, mostly get this error when you’re using Roku on a smart TV, like TCL models that come with built-in Roku app integration.


According to Roku's support, this error can be solved by contacting your TV manufacturer's support team. For example, if the TV is a TCL model, contact TCL support for assistance.

4. Error Code 009

If you get this error while trying to stream with a Roku device, it implies that your Roku device is actually connected to an internet device (Router or WiFi device), but it is not connected to the internet.


Maybe you’re out of data subscription and you didn’t know. Roku error requires you to confirm that your internet connection is really working and the issue would be fixed.

5. Error Code 011

You’re probably using an old, unsupported Roku device, and that’s why you’re getting this particular error code. The Roku error 011 appears when your old Roku device can no longer connect to Roku servers to update its software and firmware.


The best solution is to get a newer model Roku device to enjoy your streaming once again.

6. Roku Error 012

This error appears when you try to stream some particular channels. Yes, some channels on Roku are fully operated by the providers, and you may need to subscribe particularly to such channels before you can access them.


Contact the channel’s support and follow their instructions to get the channel working on your Roku device.

7. Roku Error 013.50/013.60

Most people that have encountered this issue reported they tried connecting their Roku Ultra to their routers via Ethernet. If this is the same situation with you, then the solution below is the best to try out.

Roku Error 013.50/013.60


You should connect the Roku Ethernet to another port switch and that could fix the issue.

8. Error 014

You will encounter this error during the initial setup and it's related to internet connectivity issues. Here's how to possibly navigate this error.


Factory reset your Roku device. To reset your device, press the “Hard Reset” button on the device’s body or follow these steps if your device can power on:

  • Press the Home home button on Roku remote on your Roku remote

  • Scroll and select Settings

  • Select System

  • Select Advanced system settings

  • Select Factory reset

  • If you have a Roku TV, select Factory reset.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions

9. Roku Error 016 and 017

Actually, some Roku streaming devices support single-band wireless. One of such Roku devices is Roku Express. This streaming device supports only 2.4 GHz WiFi. So, if your router doesn’t support this internet band, you’d intermittently get the Error 016 code all the time the device is unable to connect to the router.


Find a router that supports the 2.4 GHz band and use it with your Roku device. This would stop the error code from appearing.

10. Error 020 (HDCP Error Detected)

Error 020 (HDCP Error Detected)

This error typically appears to users that connect their Roku device to the TV using HDMI. However, for HDMI connections to work, your devices must support HDCP - High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. If one of the devices does not support this technology, you'd get the Error 020 message. Also, this error message may appear on a purple screen, preventing you from accessing a particular content.


Get a TV that supports HDCP; if your TV supports it already, then look out for the specific HDMI port that is built with HDCP support; not all HDMI ports on a TV or soundbar supports HDCP technology. Also, you should consider using another HDMI cable that’s less than 6 feet.

What You Should Know

Most Roku error codes are triggered due to connectivity issues. First of all, if you want to stream in UHD or 4K quality, ensure that your devices are 4k UHD compatible. Also, you need a router or WiFi device that supports different WiFi bands.

With your devices being compatible, and your Roku streaming device being up to date, the chances of encountering Roku error codes are very minimal. Notwithstanding, some channels on Roku require an additional step before you can stream their content.

In such cases, you have to contact the channel’s support and follow the instructions they provide.


If you encounter any of the errors mentioned above and the solutions provided could not help you out, kindly contact Roku support for further assistance. You can also join the community and ask questions when you encounter issues using any Roku device. However, hopefully, the tips provided in this article would help you navigate the identified error codes.

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