The system service exception error can occur when you least expect it. This article gives a detailed insight on system_service_exception and how to fix it.

system service exception

Suppose you are almost at the finish line of preparing an assignment using MS Office. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a system service exception error appears. The device breaks down and restarts, causing you to lose your unsaved document. All of us are familiar with this unfortunate incident, and most of the time system_service_exception error code is to blame.

You must be impatient to learn how to fix system service exception windows 10 and other versions. Before jumping to that, it's essential to know the basic stop code system service exception information. Apart from a quick fix for your device, this article also reveals the reasons behind the occurrence of blue screen system service exception.

What is System Service Exception?

Windows contains an extensive list of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors, including System Thread Exception not Handled, DPC, and Watchdog Violation. System_service_exception is another name on the Windows BSOD stop codes list.

When this annoying error shows up, your entire screen turns blue. Subsequently, an immediate reboot may delete any unsaved work and even corrupt files. Keep in mind that it usually occurs without any warning. You can never be fully prepared to face it, but fixing system service exception windows 10 is possible.

System service exception blue screen mostly appears on Windows 10. It can also crawl into the other Windows versions like 8.1, 8, and 7. Laptop brands like Lenovo and HP are no exception either. Getting rid of this annoying glitch requires an identification of the deep root of the problem. Putting the finger on why it occurred must be the top priority.

Why System Service Exception Shows Up?

Stop code system service exception is frequently triggered by a newly updated or installed software or a bad device driver. Besides the code error, occasionally, it displays details of the file behind the malfunctioning of your device.

This additional information proves helpful in deciding the proper action to fix the system service exception windows 10. Some examples and descriptions of system service exception BSOD errors are as follows:

  • SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (Netio.sys) - The culprit causing the Windows to act may be a Netio.sys file.
  • SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x0000003b - This is one of the stop codes that shows up once the screen turns blue.
  • SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 00000000'c0000005 - The most common error code that appears while facing an issue with System Service Exception.
  • SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Windows 10 - This error code is not just restricted to Windows 10; it may even appear on Windows 7.

system service exception

System Service Exception error may also be the result of any of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Viruses, malware, or malicious infections.
  • Outdated, incompatible, or damaged device drivers.
  • Bugs during software update.
  • Corrupted system files of Windows 10 or 11.

How to Fix System Service Exception?

Facing trouble with a system service exception BSOD error code does not mean giving up on your computer. The good news is that there are various procedures to fix system service exception windows 10. Users of older Windows versions can also apply some of these methods to resolve the issue.

Check your Webcam

The stop code system service exception problem can occasionally be caused by external hardware like webcams. Disabling your webcam and noticing whether this fixes the issue is an excellent way to test this.

  • On your keyboard, press Windows and X buttons together. From the menu that shows up, select Device Manager.
  • Navigate through the list of devices and find the webcam. Now right-click on it and choose Disable device.
  • Restart the device and check whether this solves the problem.

If it's not specifically your webcam causing the BSOD, the cause may be another newly installed device. Apply the same method to disable any peripheral device.

Uninstall Faulty Apps

You may already know the association between outdated versions or updates' errors and PC concerns. What’s new is that these applications may also contribute to blue screen system service exception. Here’s how to uninstall them to erase the root cause of your problem:

  • Open the “Start” or windows option at the screen's bottom. Visit "Settings." You can also press Windows + I keys instead.
  • Choose the button labeled Apps. This shows all the applications on your device.
  • Look for any files by the name of Cisco VPN, McAfee Antivirus, MSI Live update, Virtual Clone Drive or Asus GameFirst Service, or any other troublesome apps.
  • Click on the apps mentioned above if your computer has them and choose Uninstall. Confirm your selection by clicking uninstall once more.
  • The screen might display the provider's guide on uninstalling the app. Follow them.
  • Repeat the instructions until all problematic apps are off your computer.
  • Lastly, restart your device.

That's the proper way to free your PC from unwanted troublesome apps and correct system service exception blue screen.

Update the Computer’s Drivers

Follow the steps below to successfully update your drivers and get rid of System_Service_Exception error codes:

  • Go to the Device Manager by searching for it in the Start menu.
  • Locate Device Adapters and click on the “>" sign to expand.
  • Right-click on the graphics card and choose to update the driver from the context menu.
  • Relax as your device finishes the process of searching for drivers for the Graphics Processing Unit.
  • Restart the computer.

This ensures that your drivers are working fine and are up to date. Outdated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a common reason people encounter system service exception BSOD issues.

Through Command Prompt

By following this procedure, you will be able to quickly rectify the blue screen system service exception error in no time:

  • In the Start menu, search for Command Prompt. Right-click on it and select "Run as Administrator."
  • Now type chkdsk /r. On your keyboard, hit Enter key. Be patient as your computer troubleshoots your systems for issues and resolves them.
  • Restart your computer.

Launching Windows Check Disk from Command Prompt is the right move to address file-related problems and solve the system service exception blue screen.

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We have rounded up some fundamental knowledge and numerous quick system service exception windows 10 fixes. However, if nothing seems to work for you, it’s best to reset your Windows.

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