Hulu, despite being one of the most popular streaming services in the United States, has been known to throw a few frequent errors. One such issue that you are likely to face on the service can be that you would find some movies locked on Hulu. Ever wondered why are some movies locked on Hulu? If you are looking to find why are some movies unavailable on Hulu, the information here should help you in how to unblock Hulu movies with ease.

Why are movies locked on Hulu?

If you find that you have an active Hulu subscription and still find a lock on the movie, it should clearly mean that your account has no access to the content that you are trying to access. Why you have no access to the content or the movie is what you need to investigate. Why are some movies locked on Hulu? Let us try finding the reasons.

One of the prime reasons that you have a few movies restricted on your account can be because of the fact that they are under a different category which may need you to have a subscription to an additional add-on. The additional add-ons can be one of the excellent options to get access to premium channels on Hulu.

The premium add-ons on Hulu can include

  • Showtime
  • HBO Max
  • Cinemax
  • Starz

There are also a few sports add-ons that you would want to opt for. However, if you are looking for getting an add-on on your Hulu account, it would be advisable to understand that it would increase your subscription amount.

Why are some shows locked on Hulu?

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If you are under the impression that if you have a Hulu account, you will have access to each and every content available on the streaming service. But, as you might have found out already from the above discussion, this is not true.

There is a possibility that certain content is available only on a certain device. Some other content may require you to opt for an add-on service. You may also need to ensure that your streaming devices are updated to the latest software.

How do you unlock movies on Hulu?

There are several means that you can put to use in how to unlock movies on Hulu. However, you will be able to unlock it only if it is available on the platform and can be accessed by opting for the specific show by opting for an add-on.

A few of the reasons why a movie or show is not available on Hulu can be explained through the following pointers –

Your Hulu app needs clearing cache

The cache data on your Hulu app can be one of the major concerns, and that can cause your show unplayable. While the cache is designed to make the app performance faster enough, the glitches in the cache can make the Hulu app develop issues.

One of the primary reasons can be that the cache gets too full. The process and steps used in clearing the cache can be dependent on the device, platform and the operating system that you are on. For example, if you are on a browser, you may need to go with an appropriate option to clear the cache for your select browser.

The Show you are looking for may not be available

It is possible that the show or movie that you are looking for on your Hulu account may no longer be available. It may also be possible that it is set to come on Hulu, but not yet made available.

It is found that some of the shows on Hulu are with what is called rolling set. This would mean it would have only a few episodes, and these will include the latest episodes.

It is also possible that the movies that you are looking for might have expired, and the show may still be shown on your device due to certain cache issues on your device or app. Therefore, the movie might have expired, but you might have missed the notification.

The show might be on a break

While you may be looking for the movies, but in the case of shows, they may be on a break. Certain shows are expected to be on a break at certain times. They will be available on Hulu, but will not have the latest episodes until they come back.

The break may be for days or even for weeks at times. In fact, in certain rare cases, they would be on break for even a couple of months. If that is the case with your movie or show, you do not have any other option than to wait for it to come back.

You may be in another location

Certain shows may only be available on a few add-ons. Even when you have opted for a particular add-on, it is possible that you might have changed the location.

The Live add-on generally works with only a few specific locations. It may be possible that you have changed the location by moving to a new place, or through a VPN service. It is also possible that your network fails to pick your location for some reason. It may also be due to a few bad weather conditions.

The link may be restricted

This is one of the major reasons that may make your Hulu movies fail to work properly. It is one of the major situations that you may come across when you have been sent an invitation link. The link may be expired, and that should be the reason why you may no longer have access to the content.

Yet another possibility that you may come across can be that the link is under a particular add-on, and you might not have opted for the particular add-on. But, again, that should be an obvious reason to find why your movie is locked.

Why is my Hulu account on vacation hold?

Hulu considers the live TV subscription as a single home service. Therefore, you will not be able to watch the content in two different homes or locations. That way, when you attempt accessing Hulu from a different location, it is placed under the vacation hold.

However, you should be able to access your content on your smartphone when you are travelling anywhere within the US. Make sure that you have checked the availability before leaving your home.

How to watch locked movies on Hulu by downloading a movie?

Still, wondering Why are some movies locked on Hulu? The best way to get rid of the blocked movies on Hulu can be to download the movie and watch it offline without the need for any internet connection. It may be a good idea to go with a third party Hulu downloader for this purpose.

We would recommend opting for KeepStreams as one of the excellent options for downloading your favourite content. KeepStreams for Hulu should be a one stop solution for almost all your expectations and requirements in how to download your favourite content from Hulu.

Some of the primary features that you would find much impressive on the KeepStreams Hulu downloader can include

  • A top quality video download that would offer you access to the video quality of up to 1080p. You would be able to watch your Hulu content in outstanding quality anywhere.
  • Batch download options can be a great option. You would be able to download multiple titles simultaneously. This can go a long way in saving your time
  • High-quality audio performance should be yet another great option. You can download your videos with an outstanding EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 sound channels.
  • The built-in browser on the tool should be yet another innovative option. You would be able to download, watch and browse for your content from within the browser.
  • MP4 download capability can be yet another factor that would make your downloaded videos playable on practically any platform or device. You can also find how to convert Hulu videos into MP4.

The Final Wrap Up

Hulu is indeed your one stop solution for enjoying your favourite titles and content without hassles. The best content library, along with a huge degree of high-end options, is what would make it one of the most formidable choices ever. However, what if you are coming across a few issues, such as a few movies and shows are locked on your Hulu app? The tips above should be helpful in letting you find the reasons and causes for the locked movies on Hulu. In addition, they should have helped you answer the question on why are some movies locked on Hulu.

If you are looking to download the movies on your device so that you can watch them without the need for facing the errors or locked content, opting for a powerful downloader such as KeepStreams for Hulu should be a perfect choice ever. The ease of use, simple interface and a host of other features would definitely make it the most reliable service ever. So download it today and enjoy your titles in whichever way you would want to.

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