Hulu is like an addiction to Hulu fans. Originals and movies are not forgotten. Hulu continues to add new movies to its list. This makes it a great place to watch movies and engage your viewers. 

One of the most common reasons for interruptions in a movie or TV show is errors. Hulu error number 94 will be discussed and we will show you how to watch error-free movies on Hulu. We will also discuss the top five downloaders on the market right now, so you can download movies and shows offline.

Can you watch Hulu movies Without errors?

First, Hulu movies can be viewed error-free if you have an updated app and a compatible device with Hulu Live streaming. You can also download Hulu movies offline to avoid the above problems. Here are the top 5 Hulu offline download options.

Top 5 Methods to Watch Hulu Offline: Hulu Downloader Recommended 2021

For those who have trouble downloading and watching Hulu movies offline, or are frequent travellers who don't have stable internet access, it is always convenient. We have compiled a list of the top five Hulu downloaders.

Y2Mate Hulu Downloader

This Hulu downloader is a great tool to download all kinds of Hulu videos. We'll be highlighting the main features of the Hulu Downloader. This will amaze you.

y2mate hulu downloader

Download this software to get excellent audio and video quality. You can choose from 720p, 1080p and 4k picture options. You will feel as if you are in a theatre with the HD or UHD picture, 5.1 AAC stereo soundtrack, and MP4 audio. You can also convert Hulu video to MP4.

Auto-downloading Option: The Y2Mate downloader can automatically download all episodes of a series that you have watched, including the new episode.

Metadata and preferred language setting for subtitles: Click on the "Settings", where you can choose your preferred language to use for subtitles. The meta information such as cast, name, plot, and so on can be saved as

All videos are ad-free: The Y2Mate Hulu Downloader automatically removes ads when downloading videos. This allows you to enjoy ad-free viewing.

The Problem with Sharing and Expiry Date: You can download the videos from Y2Mate Hulu as long as you like. Your downloaded videos can be saved and shared without restrictions.

Get Y2Mate Hulu downloader installed and start downloading your favorite videos

  • Visit the official website of Y2Mate Software and download the app to your device.


  • Now launch the app and access Y2Mate Hulu downloader from "Streaming Services".


  • Select the movie or show you want to search.

DOWNLOAD hulu offline

  • Click on the video that you wish to view. The software will start downloading the videos as you play them.

select video quality

It is quick and easy. You can download the software and start watching your favorite movies or shows in just minutes.

KeepStream Hulu Downloader

KeepStream Hulu Downloader is the best choice if you are looking to download Hulu at a low cost. It's very user-friendly, and offers all the essential features you need from one software. It can quickly download movies and shows, without any tampering with the audio or video quality. Before you decide to subscribe, the trial version is free and offers limited features.

keepstream hulu downloader

This software allows you to download Hulu videos. The steps include:

Keepvid's KeepStream Hulu Downloader allows you to download movies from Hulu

  • Launch the app from your phone.

  • To access movies and shows, log in to your Hulu account.

  • To download the video, select the video you wish to save and then tap the "Download" button.

IceStream Video Downloader

IceStream Hulu downloader allows you to easily download any Hulu video. This software offers all the essential features such as high-speed downloads, HD and UHD picture quality and unlimited downloading and sharing. IceStreamDownloader allows you to download all episodes of any Hulu series in one click.

hulu downloader

How to use IceStream Hulu Downloader

  • IceStream's official website allows you to download and install the application.

  • It will launch and allow you to sign in to your Hulu Account.

  • Click on the video that you wish to download, and then tap the play button. The download process will begin in the background.

FLVTO MyStream Hulu Downloader

MyStream is a FLVTO Hulu downloading tool that's super-simple to use. This software can be used to download and record Hulu movies or shows. This software can download and record videos from Hulu as well as other OTT streaming platforms. This software can be used to download, save and share files.


Here are some important points about MyStream Hulu.

  • This software has a very fast download speed. It is possible to download up to three movies in a matter of minutes.

  • MyStream Hulu downloader also boasts excellent audio and picture quality. This software allows you to download movies and enjoy excellent audio and picture quality.

  • From the settings for subtitles, you can choose your preferred language. You can also save metadata to format.

How to download Hulu Series and Movies using MyStream Hulu Downloader

  • Install the app from the official MyStream downloader page.

  • Tap on the "Hulu” button to open it.

  • Log in to your Hulu Account

  • Choose the video you wish to play and click on Play. The background will automatically start downloading.

iCoolsoft Hulu Downloader Free

Hulu allows you to download movies and series and then watch them offline using the iCoolsoft Free Hulu Uploader. This software includes a built-in video editor that allows you to edit video.

free hulu downloader icoolsoft

This software offers many useful features that allow you to customize your videos. The iCoolsoft Free downloader can also be used to download videos from other OTT platforms. However, it is coming soon, not yet fully developed.

Techniques for Using the iCoolsoft Hulu Downloader

  • After installing iCoolsoft Free Hulu downloader, launch the software.

  • Copy and paste URL for Hulu video in the address bar.

  • To begin downloading, click on the "Enter” key.

If you wish to watch Netflix movies or shows offline, they are also available for download. To download Netflix movies and shows, you can search the top Netflix video downloader


Hulu is a streaming service that is regarded as one of the best in the US. However, technical issues are a constant problem for many. Here are some common errors and solutions. If the problem persists, Hulu customer service can help. We also listed the top 5 ways to download movies and shows offline, because offline viewing is an effective solution to many of these problems. We hope this information helps you solve your problem. And for more Hulu downloader reviews, you can visit this review site: Top 10 Hulu Downloaders in 2021

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