You might not believe it, but the movies we watch shape each of our personalities in different ways. Movies have a beautiful effect on our lives, so we strive to watch good, meaningful and entertaining movies whenever we can. Today, in this blog, we’re going to talk about Spanish movies, some of which are hidden gems that you need to know about.

All these series are worth watching, and you are sure to want to watch them again and again! So, without any delay, let's take a dive right in to find out what our top picks for Spanish movies to watch on HBO Max are! Hang in there to know it all!

11 Best Spanish Movies to Watch on HBO Max #Horror #Comedy #Action

Spanish movies are one of a kind, and once you've watched them, you are sure to fall in love with them anytime! So, if you are wondering from where to begin, you've indeed stumbled upon the right space! Check out our list below, and we're sure you'll want to press the replay button:

Veronica (2017) – Spanish Horror Movies

Veronica is a 2017 Spanish horror film directed by Paco Plaza. This movie is said to be based on actual events of the Vallecas case where a young girl, Estefina Lazaro, died of mysterious circumstances after using an ouija board. The movie’s plot revolves around Veronica and her friends playing around with an ouija board during the time of a solar eclipse in 1991.

Veronica's father has passed away, and her mother is overworked. Veronica uses the ouija board and her friends to contact her father one more time. But something goes terribly wrong as evil entities start infecting her and everyone around her. It's a pretty good horror movie that maintains the suspense and thrill and serves us a great climax.

The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

The Curse Of La Llorona or The Curse of the Weeping Woman is a spine chilling horror movie directed by Michael Chaves as his directorial debut. The movie's plot revolves around a single mom named Anna, who is struggling to manage her two kids after her husband, a police officer, died.

She also works as a caseworker in the police force, and one day, while investigating a case of child neglect, Anna unleashes the curse of La Llorona on her family. She starts to see the weeping woman, and her children are terrorized by her too. Feeling helpless and with no one to turn to, Anna asks for help from Rafael, a former priest. As more stories about La Llorona come to sight, Anna must fight to protect her kids at all costs.

The Orphanage (2017) – Spanish Scary Movies on HBO Max

The Orphanage or El orfanato is a 2017 Spanish gothic horror film directed by J. A Bayona. The story revolves around a woman named Laura, who grew up in an orphanage. After she is married and has a son named Simon, who she adopted, she decides to restart the orphanage to care for children and host a party.

During that span of time, Laura's son tells her that he has 5 friends. Laura thinks that these friends are just imaginary friends of Simon. But she sees a boy wearing a mask and realizes that her son has disappeared. Soon, she starts feeling other people in the house, and it reaches a point where she has to invite some parapsychologist or "ghost hunters" to investigate the matter. This movie is a great horror flick, and you can definitely give this a watch.

Volver (2006) - Comedy Movies in Spanish

Volver is a 2006 comedy movie in Spanish directed by Pedro Almodovar. It has a stellar cast, including big shot actress Penelope Cruz. The story revolves around a girl named Raimunda (played by Penelope Cruz) who lives with her husband Paco and daughter Paula in Madrid. She also has a sister named Sole.

Both of them miss their mother Irene, who died a long time ago in a fire, along with their father. But their old senile aunt Paula, who still lives in that village, continues to talk about Irene as if she were still alive and breathing. In fact, Irene's ghost was out and about, helping her family deal with their lives. After a murder and a death, the suspense and mystery get more intangible, and the past returns.

Medians (2011)

Medianeras or Sidewalls is a comedy film directed by Gustavo Taretto. The movie takes place in the city of Buenos Aires, with its bustling streets and busy lives. It focuses on two people; Mariana and Martin.

Martin is a web designer, and Mariana is an architect. Their lives are tangled together, as they live very close to each other and even swim in the same pool. But the funny thing is, they've never met. They are both lonely people desiring companionship, but they haven't even met once despite being so near each other. The movie makes us ask the most important question: will these two ever meet? We need to watch the film to find out.

Wild Tales (2014)

Wild Tales is a 2014 film directed by Szifron. It is an anthology film, with six short stories, all of the same theme. It delves into black comedy; all of the six stories have this in common.

The six parts of the movie have different names: "Pasternak"; revolves around a person named Pasternak, who is known by everyone travelling in a plane. A weird coincidence? Or maybe not. "The rats" revolves around a waitress and a loan shark who terrorize the waitress's family. "The Strongest"; a conversation between two drivers on a highway. The other three are "Little Bomb", "Proposal", and "Until death do us part". All of these are short stories with a gripping plotline, and it is surely an entertaining watch.

The Fury of a Patient Man (2016) - Action Movies in Spanish

The Fury of a Patient Man or Tarde para la ira is a Spanish action/thriller movie directed by Raul Alevaro. The movie revolves around Ana, a bartender with a son, waiting for the release of her criminal boyfriend, Curro, from Prison. While she waits for her boyfriend to get released, she develops a steady romance with a regular at her bar called Jose.

However, things change for the worse as Curro gets released and starts creating problems in Ana’s life. But Jose comes as a saviour and takes Ana and her son to his secluded cottage to protect them. But Jose’s intentions might not be as good as it looks.

To Steal from A Thief (2016)

Cien Anos de perdon or To steal from a thief is a 2016 movie directed by Daniel Calparsoro. The movie revolves around six men who are armed and disguised, who attack a Valencian bank during a rainy morning.

They have one clear motive: to steal as much money as they can from safety deposit boxes and to escape via a tunnel in one of the bank offices. But the robbery is not what it looks like, as the government gradually discovers more facts about the situation.

Amores Perros (2000)

Amores Perros is a 2000 psychological thriller movie directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. It is the first instalment of a series meant to be a trilogy.

The movie revolves around a car crash that takes in Mexico. Through that car crash, the lives of three people get intertwined who are strangers to each other. The three people are Octavio, who mainly causes the crash, Daniel and Valeria, who get hurt the most due to the accident and El Chivo, who primarily witnesses the accident. All the characters are going through their problems, with some commonality between them, and it is brought to climax by accident.

El Hipnotizador (2015 – 2017) - Best HBO Spanish Series

El Hipnotizador is a fantasy drama series distributed on HBO and created by Pablo De Santis. This series has two seasons and went on for 2015-2017.

The story revolves around a hypnotist who goes by the name Arenas. He hypnotizes people and makes them reveal their hidden desires and secrets. Arenas is a lonely and troubled man who suffers from insomnia. He finds it easier to deal with the problems of other people than his own. However, this insomnia is not natural. It is caused by another hypnotist, to who he has to go if he wants to sleep. It is a very interesting series which has been adapted from a comic book.

Fugitives (2011)

Fugitives or Profugos is a 2011 Chilean drama series that was created for HBO Latin America. It was even nominated for the Emmy's.

The plot revolves around the Farragut family. It is led by a woman named Kika, who loses her husband, and is left all alone. After that, she convinces her eldest son Vicente, who is a veterinarian, to become the head of the cartel run by the family. This family is enemies with a rival drug cartel of the Aguilera family, led by Ivan, one of the most powerful people in the business. The series has two seasons and shows the harsh realities of cartel life.

Cappadocia- Cappadocia or Cappadocia (2008 – 2012)

A place without pardon is a Mexican series distributed by HBO. It started in 2008 and continued for three seasons.

It tells the story of several women who have been imprisoned in an experimental penal complex. This show tackles a sensitive topic; women's position in society through an elaborate plotline meant to show the hardships faced by women. The cast includes Dolores Heredia, Juan Manuel Bernal, Aida Lopez, Marco Trevino, and Camila Ibarra as important character. You can definitely give this a watch if you like shows like this.

This is list of Spanish horror, action, comedy movies which are a must watch. No wonder you will be able to watch all these Spanish movies with English subtitles. But how? Let us see how to download Spanish movies and shows on HBO Max.

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Final Thoughts on Spanish Movies on HBO

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope every one of you reading these makes an effort to watch the movies listed here because it's guaranteed that it will be worth your time. You will learn a lot about Spanish culture and heritage from these movies. However, you can enjoy the movie better on downloading to watch, overcoming the issues of OTT platforms.

Download the videos and keep watching all your favourite movies!!

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