In this era of streaming movies and shows online, there are quite too many streaming services available - most of which are premium services (require subscriptions), and a few free options. Pluto TV is among the free options, and it provides its users with loads of entertaining content.

Fix Pluto TV

To get started with streaming free content on Pluto TV, you need to sign up with the service and install the app on your mobile phone or streaming device.

Notwithstanding, Pluto TV can also be streamed directly over the web. However, if you own a Roku streaming device, here's how to install the Pluto TV app.

This article also explains how to troubleshoot the app when it stops opening on your Roku device.

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Pluto TV on Roku

To get Pluto TV on Roku, you need to register your Roku device, and then install the Pluto TV app. The app is free on the Roku channel store, you just search for it and install it on your device.

Pluto TV on Roku

Well, even after installing the Pluto TV app, you need to activate it via the Pluto Activation site. Hence, hereunder is the full step-by-step guide on how to get Pluto TV on your Roku streaming device.

How To Get Pluto TV on Roku

  • Power on your Roku device and go to the Channel Store

  • Search for Pluto TV, when it comes up in search results, select the Add Channel button

  • The app would be installed on your Roku device immediately

  • Go back to the main channels page and launch the Pluto TV app

  • Sign in to your Pluto TV account and copy out the activation code that will appear on your TV screen

  • Now, visit the activation site of Pluto TV

  • Enter the activation code into the provided space and Pluto TV would be activated on your Roku device for streaming free content.

With the Pluto TV app activated on your device, you can now go on to browse the many contents available on the Pluto TV streaming service. However, quite many users have complained of facing several issues using the Pluto TV app on Roku.

Well, these things are quite paramount, and liable to happen at any time. If you're facing issues with the Pluto TV app while streaming on a Roku device, these tips below can help.

Pluto TV Not Working on Roku? Try These Tips

In most cases, the issues are related to having poor or weak internet connectivity. But regardless of the issue, these tips are really handy and should help you navigate the situation.

Pluto TV Not Working on Roku

1. Reset The Pluto TV App

Well, resetting the app is a bit tricky; it’s not like Android where you can go to the Settings menu >>> Apps >>> Pluto TV >>> Clear Data/Reset. In this case, you have to do the following.

  • Check if Pluto TV streaming servers are up and running

  • Then check if your Roku device software version is up to date

  • You may need to delete some channels (if you installed too many channels of the Roku device).

  • If the issue persists, uninstall the Pluto TV app and reinstall it from the official Roku channel store.

2. Clear Your Roku Device’s Cache

Clearing Roku devices cache is pretty simple. You have to completely turn off the device and power it back on. Alternatively, you can restart the device from the menu following these steps --> Home --> Settings --> System --> System update --> Check now; this will actually check if there are updates to be installed on your Roku device.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Most times, the issues people face while streaming on a particular service are related to a poor internet connection. Practically, anything that has to do with "Streaming" online requires steady and reliable internet; once your internet connection is not stable, you're bound to experience lapses while streaming.

So, if the issue you're facing with the Pluto TV app is "Connectivity issues," it is advisable that you switch to a stronger network, or reboot your WiFi/router device. If you're using a mobile network, then you should switch to a WiFi network or another available internet connection.

4. Update Your Pluto TV App Version

If you sideloaded the Pluto TV app on your Roku device, maybe the version you downloaded is far outdated and needs to be updated to the latest one. Simply uninstall the app and make sure you install the latest version from the Roku channel store. The Pluto TV app is free to download from the Roku channel store. After updating the app, check if the issue persists.

5. Contact The Support

When you have tried all the tips above, and also confirm that the Pluto TV service is not experiencing downtime, then you should reach out to the support team and lodge your complaint. This should be the last resort after every other troubleshooting trick fails.

What More?

You need a stable internet network that allows at least 1MB/sec download speed to stream seamlessly on Pluto TV. If you can have access to a faster network, that’s an added advantage to you. These tips mentioned above apply to fixing Pluto TV issues on all Roku streaming devices.

It is not really possible to clear the Pluto TV app cache on Roku streaming devices, but you can reset the Roku device. Again, always ensure that your Pluto TV app and Roku device firmware/software are up to date. New app/software updates come with bug fixes that may affect older versions.

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