Netflix is a streaming service available in over 180 countries. Offering you access to thousands of movies and TV shows. The content library offered by the streaming service is one of the excellent options, and you will find it a great option for wholesome entertainment for an entire family. However, there are possibilities that you would come across a few error messages that can ruin your entertainment.

One such error that you may face when using Netflix is the Netflix error code NW 3-6. Let us explore the possible causes for the Netflix code NW 3-6 and find how to fix the issue.

What Causes Netflix Error NW-3-6?

Getting an error message that states that Netflix has encountered an error code NW 3 6? There are several fixes that can prove to be quite effective and efficient.

Netflix Error NW-3-6

The most possible causes that can cause the Netflix error code NW 3-6 can be summarised as below –

  • The internet connectivity issues – Your internet connection may have a few lags, and there may also be a few issues with your internet service provider. Checking out your internet connectivity can prove to be effective in fixing the error.

  • Configuration issues – the configuration issues with your ISP can also result in creating the error code NW 3-6 on Netflix.

How to fix Netflix error code NW 3-6?

Depending upon what can be causing the error on your Netflix account, you may consider checking out the following fixes.

Netflix error code NW 3-6

Fix 1 – Restart your device or router.

Restarting your streaming device can prove to be a great solution in most of the cases. This can delete the erroneous files and remove the glitches. This will be helpful in refreshing your Netflix connection.

device or router

You can even restart your modem or router. Unplug both the modem and router from the power source. Wait for thirty seconds before you can reboot your router. This can remove the glitches and assist you in fixing the issues.

Fix 2 – Check your internet connection

Yet another method that can prove to be handy in fixing the Netflix error code 3-6 can include checking your internet connection. A slower connection speed can also make your Netflix app throw the NW 3-6 error.

internet connection

Try connecting with other streaming services. You may also connect with any other internet connection and find if that resolves the issue for you. Browsing the streaming service using another browser can also be helpful. If you have any issues with your internet connection, you can get in touch with your ISP for proper discussion.

Fix 3 – Disconnect VPN

Netflix does come with a robust VPN detection policy. If you have connected to VPN or Proxy network, it may be advisable to disconnect from the VPN service and connect to the streaming service directly.

Disconnect VPN

It may be advisable to connect with the streaming service directly than using the VPN service. If you really want to get access to the best service quality on Netflix, it may be necessary to go with the direct connection rather than opting for a VPN service.

Fix 4 - Verify DNS settings

Your DNS settings may be wrongly configured, and that can create an issue with your connectivity. Verifying your DNS settings and correcting them if needed can prove to be much more effective.

The steps involved in how to verify and correct the DNS settings can vary by the streaming device that you may be using. It may be advisable to check out the steps as per your device model and version.

Solutions for Other Common Netflix Error Codes

You may wonder how to fix other Netflix error codes, here are the common fix and solutions for the most common Netflix error codes and Netflix not working issues:

How to get Netflix shows without any error message?

The best way to access the Netflix shows without any error code can be to use a Netflix downloader. You would ideally find a good number of downloaders that can get things done and assist you in downloading your favorite titles so that you can watch Netflix offline even when you have no network connectivity.

One of the best Netflix Downloaders that you can trust is KeepStream Netflix Downloader. An effective and efficient downloader for your preferred Netflix movies and TV shows, it does come with a wide range of features that you would find quite exciting and efficient.

Some of the salient features that you stand to gain with the KeepStream Netflix Downloader can include

Netflix Error Code M7353 5101

  • A Built-in Browser Support – The built-in browser compatibility should be something quite unique and should help you download your favorite titles from Netflix without the need for leaving your app. You can use the built-in browser for watching your videos, browsing them, or even downloading them right away.

  • The additional metadata information – The downloader does come with a host of additional metadata information as part of the download process to assist you in organizing your downloaded files rather efficiently. The extra details that you can get access to would include the movie name, actors, duration, and cover art, to name a few.

  • Customized subtitle downloads – The subtitles play a significant role in watching Netflix movies and videos that are in a foreign language. The KeepStream downloader can be your best bet for downloading your subtitles as a separate SRT file or letting you embed the subtitle into your video.

  • High-quality video downloads – The downloader does support your video downloads in extremely high quality. You can download your videos in 1080p, 4K, or even in 8K, provided the source video has the requisite resolution.

The Final Words

Netflix is indeed one of the prime options that you would want to enjoy, one of the excellent options for wholesome entertainment. However, there are scenarios where you may come across a few error codes that you would find quite annoying. The error code NW 3-6 can be one such issue, and you would find using the fixes outlined here can definitely prove to be one of the unique options by almost every context.

However, using an efficient downloader can indeed be a good idea in letting you enjoy your favorite Netflix videos and movies in an effective and efficient manner. The KeepStream Netflix Downloader should definitely prove to be a great option that enhances your experience more effectively and efficiently. The features and functionalities offered by the downloader should further enhance your experience by several counts.

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