Netflix, a social hub American developed software used for streaming movies and web series ranging from never-ending genres. They are a trusted OTT platform viewed by billions of people worldwide. You can watch the shows and movies online and offline too. So to watch Netflix offline you have plenty of official and non-official ways to download Netflix.

Netflix offline is more appreciated among the masses, as it gives them the liberty to download Netflix videos and movies and watch them later. You may be in situations where you cannot watch online, but you can download Netflix shows and watch them even if you don’t have internet access. Read on to know if you are also stuck in questions like how to get Netflix?

Here in this guide, you are given clear and concise updates regarding the steps to have Netflix offline.

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3 Most Used Ways on How To Download Netflix Offline

METHOD 1 - The Official Netflix Application

Pros - This is an official way to have access to any Netflix web series and movies. You may be stuck in remote places where on-go streaming is not possible. In such a case, you can download Netflix movies beforehand, and enjoy them.

Cons - The Netflix movie downloader is limited to some shows only. You may not be allowed to download a full season at one go. This Netflix offline feature is available for android users only, but it is soon expected for the iOS users too.

You can note down the steps to know how to download Netflix shows and movies

  • Download and open the Netflix app.

  • Pick a movie or show that you want to download Netflix.

  • Tap on the download icon with an arrow below the movie poster.

  • Click on the download tab placed at the bottom bar. It is adjacent to the share option.

  • Enjoy your Netflix offline movie in your leisure time.

  • You can even delete them later.

How to use the automatic Netflix video downloader feature?

It is a new feature for all Netflix viewers. It gives the freedom to automatically download Netflix movies and TV shows on your smartphone. It will be based on your preferences. It works on a Wifi connection and can be activated manually.

You are also in control of the storage that it can make use of. You will be able to allocate a Smart Downloads option on the top of the page in your updated app.

METHOD 2 - Netflix Screen Recorder

Pros - It allows you to download Netflix movies and TV shows which do not support a download option. You can watch them offline at any time.

Cons - it needs playing of whole show while recording to later watch Netflix offline. So this may automatically result in a waste of double data. You are advised to use wifi connection while doing so. You may be warned while doing so.

If still you are a great fan of that show and cannot resist screen recording to watch Netflix offline, you can follow the following steps to record Netflix.

  • There are many apps available that provide an in screen capture option. Install it.

  • Your smartphone may also have its screen recorder. You can click on that.

  • You may need to adjust to some settings in your installed app such as the audio quality, video quality, storage space availability, etc.

  • Open your Netflix app. Launch the application, find the show, and hit the play button.

  • Maximize the app and stream the Netflix video.

  • When you are done click on the stop button. If you have an in-built screen recorder it will automatically save or download Netflix shows.

  • In your app, click on the stop option and save button.

  • Rename your file with the movie or show name.

  • This file will be quite big, so you should store it on a PC or laptop.

  • The file is transferable to Android, iPhone, and iPads for viewing Netflix offline.

METHOD 3 - Third-Party Netflix Downloader - Y2mate

If you are not satisfied with the ideas recommended above, the better option is Y2mate Netflix video downloader. You can always take the help of a third-party developer as your Netflix downloader for a holistic approach to hassle-free Netflix downloads. It comes up with varied options that are user-friendly and cheap. It spans social media apps like Netflix and Disney Hotstar.


Netflix video downloader is a great time-saving option. It accommodates high-resolution shows in the minimum storage space. There is no quality loss. You are free to choose the resolution of your choice before you download Netflix movies or shows. Its most appreciable feature of all is that it allows you to download subtitles, metadata, and other descriptions on the movie or web series. You can download high resolution movies of 1080p.


It offers a premium subscription that is not free of cost. This should not be taken as a drawback against an app because it does give users the relief from watching non-stop Netflix shows. The Mac version is yet to be released. You are allowed to watch the downloaded video on the app or device, where you have stored it. It is a non-transferable form of a file.

How to download Netflix movies?

  • Visit the Y2mate Netflix video downloader site or download the app.

  • Here you will be able to see the icons of various streaming service providers.

  • Choose Netflix or else you can also search for it. Sign in to your account.

  • Select the video to download from Netflix.

  • You will be asked about the audio and subtitles quality before the process starts.

  • You can choose the ‘add to queue’ option also in case you want to download it later. Or else choose the download Netflix Now option.

  • The downloading occurs in the background, and you can still do research on other movies and shows simultaneously.

How to Download Netflix Subtitles?

Now that you know how to download movies from Netflix the best way, lets see how to download subtitles to enjoy movies of foreign languages. The Y2Mate Netflix Downloader can be an excellent choice for all your needs. Just the way you can download any video from Netflix, you can also access subtitles of different origin. You can pick and paste your subtitles on the downloaded video. You can also decide to save them as a different file with extension .srt.

How to batch download Netflix series?

Netflix offers you an auto-download feature in its updated version. With the help of this, you can set the storage space to be occupied and it will auto download Netflix movies of your choices under a wifi connection. Y2Mate also gives you the chance to download all your files in 1080p, which many other similar apps fail to do.

How Many Devices Support Netflix?

If you are also wondering about how to get Netflix and how to watch from Netflix, then you can find the answers here. There is a whole list of devices that support Netflix. Some may be cheap or costly. You can choose anyone from the below-mentioned suggestions on how to watch Netflix to enjoy your favorite shows.

  • Android and Google TV devices, for those who wish to know how to watch Netflix on TV.

  • Android smartphones.

  • Amazon Fire TVs, another nice way to view Netflix on TV.

  • Apple products like iPad, iPhone, etc.

  • Google Chromecast.

  • Nook Tablet.

  • Fetch Tv (service only limited to Australia).

  • Microsoft: Windows 10, Windows 8, Xbox 360, windows phone, Xbox one.

  • LG home theatre systems, and home TVs to watch Netflix on TV.

  • Insignia blue-ray disc players and home theatre systems.

  • Sony Play station2( only in the US and Brazil).

  • Sony blue-ray disc players, play station 2, 3, vita.

  • Samsung home theatre systems, smartphones, televisions, and tablets.

  • Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

  • Panasonic home theatre systems and TVs.

  • Roku streaming players.

  • Yamaha BD-A-1020.

  • Roku streaming player.

  • Philips blue ray discs players and TVs

Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Download Netflix on Different Devices

How to watch Netflix on Macbook Air?

You must have observed that downloading and watching Netflix offline on iPad and iPhone is easier. In the case of Macbook Air, you need to adopt a different way. You may have an inbuilt screen recorder on your device. Even if you don’t have it, no need to worry. There are plenty of other sources like third-party screen recorder apps available online for free. Consider the following steps-

  • Sign in to your Netflix account.

  • Choose the show you want to download and start playing it to check on the visual and audio quality.

  • Choose the screen recorder option from the device and adjust the dimension of the area you want to record from Netflix.

  • You also need to start simultaneously with your microphone for audio purposes.

  • Replay the movie and let it download Netflix movie.

  • At the end of the show, you need to stop it. It will be stored on your device.

  • It may turn out to be a huge file so you can opt for other third-party screen recorder apps too. They will overcome the hustle to use the microphone at the same time.

How to download Netflix on Macbook Pro?

The best legal solution available to watch Netflix is by getting a subscription for it. Illegal options and Netflix video downloader software are floating in the market too that can hamper the device's health if installed. If by chance you have downloaded then get your device virus checked. You can download Netflix shows directly from the download option if provided. As this is a limited feature.

If you are stuck on how to record Netflix on Mac, consider this

You can also take the help of a built screen recording feature, or else install a third-party app from the internet for convenience. There are plenty of them. You are recommended to make use of a strong Wifi connection for uninterrupted service.

How to download from Netflix online on Windows 7/10?

The users of Windows 7 were at a great loss when Netflix decided to limit its download feature for Netflix offline viewing to smartphones, windows 10, fire tablet and many others. The Windows 7 users can either rebuild their system or think of investing in a new Windows 10 computer to be able to download Netflix videos.

If both these ideas seem to be impossible for you, then you can take the help of third-party Y2mate Netflix Video Downloader app. It comes with dynamic download options. These type of tools will give you the liberty to download Netflix videos, audio, and subtitles also. You can manually adjust the video and audio quality.

They may ask for a subscription also but are comparatively cheaper than buying a whole new device.

How to download from Netflix online on Linux?

You can install the Netflix streaming client on Linux, but you cannot watch Netflix offline. This will require other apps. You can make the best use of the Y2Mate Netflix downloader app.

Y2Mate is specially designed to download movies and TV shows from streaming services like Netflix. Its basic services are free for trial. It is a trustworthy and reliable site. You can buy its premium membership for additional benefits. It will download your desired Netflix videos on a Windows device. After which you can transfer it to your Linux system.

How to download from Netflix online on Chromebook?

You need to install the latest version of the Chromebook on your device. Thereafter you can consider the following steps-

  • Chromebook is available on the play store for free. You can install it.

  • Install the Netflix app.

  • Sign in to your Netflix account.

  • Tap on the ‘downloads’ option depicted at the bottom of the video you need to watch.

  • The downloading starts and you can see the progress on the ‘downloads’ page.

  • After watching the show you can even delete it. You can always download Netflix movies when they release.

  • Other apps will enable you to download some movies that are not supported on Netflix.

How to download from Netflix online on smart TV( LG/ Samsung/ Apple TV)?

It is very clear that you cannot download Netflix on your smart TV. It does not support the downloading option. But then how to watch Netflix on TV? You don’t need to be worried. As even this has a solution. Get your hands on your computer.

Download the Y2Mate Netflix video downloader app in it. They will offer an unlimited option for you. Here you can download videos of your choice from any streaming website safely. No bug attack. After you have successfully downloaded the video in the HD 1080p version, you are all ready to sit with your popcorn. You can transfer the file to your smart TV and enjoy the show with your family. This should answer your question on how to watch Netflix on TV.

How to download Netflix on Switch?

This may not be an easy task to get Netflix Nintendo switch. They have not yet sponsored Netflix to stream their videos and movie shows to be downloaded on it. Apart from Netflix on switch, they have got other streaming services to but if you are diehard Netflix love, this is for you.

Get your hands on the Y2Mate video downloader on your computer. They have a one-stop solution to cater to all your needs. Download Netflix the video of your choice. Then you can get it transferred to your Netflix switch that’s all. You are all ready for the movie night.

How to download Netflix on PS4?

PS4 provides you with all the fun of your adventurous life. It has got the most advanced features to date, but you may be saddened to know that it cannot download Netflix shows for you, but you do not need to worry.

You have got a savior for yourself. Go and install the Y2Mate video downloader on your computer. You can download from netflix online all kinds of movies, web series, and shows of all genres. Then you can get them transferred to your PS4. It's done.

How to download Netflix on Android Box?

You need to have at least Android version 4.4.2 or above to make the Netflix software run on it smoothly. Check it out or you can update it too.

  • Install the latest version of Netflix.

  • Tap on open the Netflix app on your device.

  • Search for your favorite movie or show and check if they are available for download or not.

  • Or else you can also tap on the available for download option on the Netflix app. This will show you all the available download options on the screen. This happens because Netflix hasn’t purchased the license of all TV shows and movies.

  • Tap on the ‘My downloads’ option to view progress of download from netflix online.

  • Enjoy your movie and once you are done you can also delete it.

Netflix on Kodi

How to download from Netflix online on Kodi?

Kodi is a software player constructed by Kodi foundation to stream movies from any source. You can make use of the Kodi website to stream movies as well as store them for a long period. You can stream Netflix offline also. To download Netflix for Kodi you need to follow the following steps-

  • Get the latest version of Kodi.

  • Download Kodi Netflix add-on. This will allow downloads on Kodi from different services.

  • Click on the search option and try to find the movie of your choice.

  • Click on the movie.

  • Tap on download and check on the progress of recording Netflix on Kodi.

  • This a pro tip. Get in touch with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that will take care of your privacy and security. These add-ons are more to being hacked. So be wise in choosing a trusted add-on to download Netflix.


Netflix offline and online streaming services have revolutionized the TV industry. They have brought in more employment, and opened the way for third-party developers to extend their services. Netflix comes with some limited download options which can be nowadays resolved legally with Netflix video downloaders like Y2Mate.

You will need to be just aware of harmful apps that make fake promises or use unauthorized tricks to make it possible for you to watch Netflix offline. You will need to keep deleting the shows and movies after watching, to manage the storage space on your devices. We hope you found this guide to be useful for your needs to download Netflix shows and movies.

If you only want to download from netflix online or download videos online from other streaming service, you can use MyStream Downloader to do it then.

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StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader
StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader
Complete Download Support for Any Regional Netflix Websites.
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FlixPal Netflix Downloader
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BBFly Netflix Downloader
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