Streaming platforms are like a wonderful pandora box giving us all types of variety in terms of content. Amazon prime however stands apart in its delivery with French movies and TV shows. Some French series on amazon prime are simply marvelous and stand out from the rest. They come in all genres and tastes. If a person likes mystery, crime, comedy and kids French shows Amazon has got it all. French shows on amazon prime are not only there to entertain you. They open a portal of the nether world for you as a viewer.

Here are the top French series for kids, mystery, comedy with English subtitles on Amazon Prime:

Top Rated French TV Series with English Subtitles On Amazon Prime:

Braquo (2009-2016)- Best French Series on Amazon Prime

Braquo is a French drama created by Olivier Marchal. It has numerous stars including Jean-Hugues Anglade, Joseph Malerba, Karole Rocher and Nicolas Duvauchelle. It is a French drama that centers around cop stories. The good thing about Braquo is, it is made by a real-life cop. This drama show is one of the best French shows on amazon prime because of its real-life depiction of cop life.

The series centers around the lives of four cops named Jean, Joseph, Nichole and Karole. Their colleague Mike Rossi after being accused of criminal misconduct had to face trial. Not able to withstand the trial, Mike commits suicide. The rest of the four cops now want to cross the yellow line and discover the root of the case. While they move on looking after all the intricate aspects of the case, they are intruded on by Vogel who is part of the police internal affairs bureau.

The Bureau (2015-2020) - French Mystery Series On Amazon Prime

The Bureau is a critically acclaimed French series on Amazon Prime. Its French name is Le Bureau des Legendes, directed by Eric Rochant. Its main star cast includes Mathieu Kassovitz, Sara Giraudeau and Jean-Pierre Darroussin. It’s voted best French series by the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics. The political thriller is riveting making it one of the best French mystery series on Amazon prime.

The story of this show revolves around the life of DGSE, which is the intelligence organization of France. The star of the show is Mathew Kassovitz. The show gathers all the journey he had after returning to Paris after 6 years of having stayed in Damascus. There is also an element of family dynamism in the story. It shows how Mathew fell in love with a girl named Nadia back in Damascus and how equations of relationships started to change between his daughter, him and his spouse.

Baron Noir (2016- Present)

Baron Noir is a political drama featuring in canal plus. It is directed by Ziad Doueiri. It has prominent cast members like Kad Merad, Niels Arestrup and Anna Mouglalis. Though this show centers around the broad expanses of drama influx into the political counterweight. This show primarily focuses on political mileage, controversies and organized chaos.

The entire show is just based on one character, Philippe. It's about How a progressive left-wing mentor of Phillipe sacrificed him just for the sake of elections. Phillipe, being churned into the political games, had a tremendous appetite for revenge; he wanted to get back at the people who committed deceit on him. It's about how his life takes a new direction when he seeks revenge and wants political mileage. It is a French TV series with English subtitles, helping you to brush up on your French as well.

Un village français (2009-2017)

Un Village Francais is one of a kind french show because of its historical involvement. It was created by Frédéric Krivine, Philippe Triboit and Emmanuel Daucé. Its star cast includes Robin Renucci, Audrey Fleurot and Marie Kremer. The show primarily centers around the concept and theme of world war. It’s a fiction show that employs the concept of a German invasion in the fictional town of Villeneuve.

It’s also how the town traverses itself in these tough times where moral dichotomies in these times. The story features the common folk like the doctor of the town, his wife and all the members of the community. It’s also about asking the moral contradictions these members have in mind when dealing with an existential invasion. The story starts in 1939 and then travels through 1945. The story’s inherent rawness and its ability to connect to common folk in matters related to war make it one of the best French series on Amazon Prime.

Call My Agent (2015-Present) - Best French Comedy On Amazon Prime

Call My Agent is a wonderful light-hearted French comedy on amazon prime directed by Fanny Herrero. It stars some very prominent actors like Camille Cottin, Thibault de Montalembert and Grégory Montel. The story revolves around four talented members of a talent agency called Ask, mainly Andréa, Mathias, Gabriel, and Arlette. The comical aspects of the story are just one aspect of this excellent French comedy on Amazon Prime. Most of the show is based on finding one’s skin.

Here all the characters jump on to save their one creation, the talent agency from all the outside forces that want it to sink. After the death of the founder, all the other workers had to navigate conflicts among themselves. This story startles with rawness filled with laughs, emotions, conflicts and confrontations. It’s a joyous up and down ride of hyped-up emotions and laughter surely making it the best French comedy on amazon prime.

Spiral (2005-2020)

Spiral is also known as Engrenages in French name directed by Alexandra Clert and Guy-Patrick Sainderichin. It stars very known actors like Caroline Proust, Philippe Duclos and Audrey Fleurot. The spirit of the spiral lies in its essence in wanting to make a show that’s Americanised in nature. It's a law drama that has extremes of crimes, drug abuse and prostitutes. It’s not a stomach-aching movie but it has its own beyond death moments.

The set-up of the drama has a prosecutor, judge and two sets of lawyers. The crime ranges in a different spectrum of normalcy. It can range from bad to worse. There is even involvement of East European prostitutes in the show. Because such a dark theme and such a heavy moving story make spiral one of the most thrilling amazon prime French series.

Code Lyoko (2003-2007) - Best French Kid Show On Amazon Prime

Code Lyoko is an animated French kid show on Amazon prime. It is directed by Jérôme Mouscadet. The animated characters had their voices given by actors Sharon Mann, Matthew Géczy and Barbara Scaff. This animated show is no less than a booster shot of confidence for all the kids to get inspired and be earth protectors.

This show especially deals with children who want to protect the earth from artificial intelligence villain XANA. The kids go to any length to save their precious earth from the villain. It fosters a great bond of motherhood, love and fosters tie-ups among kids making it a well-loved French kid show on amazon prime irrespective of the geographical constraints.

The Returned (2013-2015)

The Returned is an excellent French mystery series on Amazon Prime created by Fabrice Gobert. Its starcast comprises Anne Consigny, Frédéric Pierrot and Clotilde Hesme. The Returned is a bone thrilling mystery series that displays a thrilling, nerve-wracking unexpected occurrence.

The Returned - Official Trailer

A few years ago, a few people died. But after a few years, they came back from the dead. Not knowing whether they died or not, they visited their families. Their families however are in utter shock and do not know how to process the occurrence.

Black Spot (2017- Present) - Best French Series On Amazon Prime UK

Black Spot is also known as Zone Blache is a French Belgian TV show on Amazon Prime. This show is directed by Thierry Poiraud. It’s starcast comprises Suliane Brahim, Hubert Delattre and Laurent Capelluto. Black Spot is a dark series on crime perpetrating at the small French town of Villefranche. The story revolves around Major Laurenne who discovers that the condition of the town is the worst.

The murder rate of the town is 9 times the country’s average. The symbolism of this movie is exceptional and its affinity to the mystery thriller makes it the best French series on Amazon Prime UK as is its affinity to mystery/thriller. It's a great show which has a dark and dense theme of a police officer entering the darkness of a place that has only seen killings.

Nina (2015-Present)

Nina is a French tv-series with English subtitles created by Thalia Rebinsky and Alain Robillard. Its stars include Annelise Hesme, Thomas Jouannet and Nina Melo. It is the right show to watch in subtitles as it's not heavy and dense. It's a light-hearted comedy-drama that many people would love. The story features the story of a 39-year-old nurse called Nina who left med school because of her sick daughter.

She then restarted her career as a nurse and worked for her husband who heads the hospital. The dynamics that Nina has with him and how her husband Dr Costa fought with Dr Proust and having an affair with a pediatrician changes the whole equation of the story.

The Adventures Of Tintin (1991-1992)

The adventures of Tintin is a French series co-produced by both the French studio's Ellipse Programmé and Canadian studio Nelvana Limited. The voices in this premiere cartoon comedy series include Thierry Wermuth, Christian Pelissierand Henri Labossiere. People who are over 30 and love comic books sure know a lot about Tintin in comic books.

However, there is a similar French TV series that is part of Amazon Prime of the same name ‘Les Aventures de Tintin’. The 1st season of this marvelous show recreated from comics is available to watch on Amazon Prime. The episodes last for 45 minutes giving you an impeccable dose of tickles on your tummy. Because of the legacy this show has had, it's the best in Amazon Prime’s French series.

Maison Close (2010-2013)

Maison Close is an excellent period drama created by Jacques Ouaniche. It’s star cast comprises Anne Charrier, Valérie Karsenti and Jemima West. This show revolves around a prostitute named Vera who is nearing her end working in a brothel. She wants to start a new life and live a decent life going ahead.

However, Vera has had some complications in adjusting to that decision. She is trapped in the hotel as she places all her hope on her top client who will relieve her from the debt. The story in parallels also discusses Rosa who came in search of her mother but then got trapped with an extortionist and pimp who got trapped in the same brothel.

Glace (2017)

Glace is also known as ‘The Frozen Dead’ is a French mystery drama thriller series directed by Laurent Herbiet. Its star cast includes Charles Berling, Julia Piaton and Pascal Greggory. Glace is a dark thriller movie that shakes a person to the core. It features a headless corpse that was found in a horse. Once the investigation paced, it was found that the mutilated body was of Eric Lombard. As the case got a lot of attention from people, the case was headed by Martin Servaz, assisted by local police Captain Irène Ziegler.

They found out that Hirtmann, a criminal, had mutilated the body. Things turn murky when Lombard, who was carried by a horse, is also left headless. The story twirled with discoveries like the discovery of three suicides and Hirtman being incarcerated.

Moloch (2020-Present)

Moloch is a nerve-wracking TV series directed by Arnaud Malherbe. Its star cast includes Oliver Gourmet, Marine Vacth and Marc Zinga. Moloch is a thriller creeping into your bed. In a very suspicious town, there have been some strange occurrences and they have been catching eyeballs off late.

Some people are getting burst without any reason. The story is all about understanding the mystery behind strangers bursting in flames. It has supernatural, industrial and never-ending reasons. The spiral that people enter into is what makes Moloch a worthy watch on Amazon Prime. Because of its mystery theme, it is the best French series on Amazon Prime UK.

Rabbid’s Invasion (2013-2019)

Rabbids Invasion is a hysterical French kid show on amazon prime developed by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, TeamTO and CNC. The voice actors of this show include Damien Laquet, David Coburn and David Gasman. The Rabbid Invasion series has been adapted from a game of the same name released by Ubisoft.

Rabbids Invasion Trailer

Rabbid’s are rabbits that are hysterical but look similar to rabbits. However, they are not timid at all and want to unleash devastation on planet earth. Rabbids embark on their yellow submarine as they plan to destroy planet earth.

The Long Long Holiday (2015)

The Long Long Holiday also known as Les Grandes Grandes Vacances, is an animated French kid’s comedy show on amazon prime. It is directed by Paul Leluc. The series is produced by Les Armateurs Cyber Group Studios. This animated movie is more than just a kid’s movie. It discussed complex themes like war, love, sacrifice and children.

It takes place in the backdrop of Normandy where two siblings visit their grandparents’ house while the theme revolves around the war. How do they understand the complexities of war? How war has intruded their lives and what they imbibed from it, in an animated non-complicated way, addresses these themes through the plot.

This was a list of French series from different genres be it mystery, comedy or romantic. One can enjoy these movies with no complications if it is downloaded before watching.

How to Download Best French TV Series on Amazon Prime?

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You can enjoy the list of mystery, comedy and kids French series with English subtitles wherever and whenever you want.

Conclusion on Best French Series on Amazon Prime

So, this was the list of top best French series on Amazon Prime. This includes stories that have mystery, thrilling experience and captivating plot lines. These stories are larger than life and address complex socio-political contexts through a flowy narration. Unlike the movie realism we see in French movies, at least in Amazon Prime there are a lot of shows for kids.

Watching these shows downloaded will not only enhance your viewing experience, but also help you to brush up your French language.

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