Part 1: About is a popular online YouTube to mp4 converter tool that lets you download YouTube music and YouTube videos easily, which allows you to download videos in varying resolutions, including 1080p, and 4K. It facilitates users to download their preferred online videos to their devices in the desired video format, and also in MP3.


This online software is compatible with a wide range of OS-based devices that includes Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. It lets you expertly download long YouTube videos to a variety of audio resolution qualities. It saves you from the annoying delays due to buffering of videos when you watch them online. 


This tool is created by experts to help users download long YouTube videos in the form of movies, television shows, sports, and games. The software is completely free and convenient to use. It produces easy to high-quality outputs at fast speed. 


This YouTube video downloader 1080p free online tool completes the full process on the website without any assistance of a plug-in or an extension. The online converter offers a self-explanatory interface that even a novice can use easily without any support.


Features of Keepvid web-based YouTube to mp4 HD downloader:


Mainstream Websites Supported


Offer support for more than 1000 websites including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and more


Easy to Operate Interface without Installation


Use the built-in search facility to download videos

Clear guidance for downloading YouTube to mp4 in high quality


Multiple Files Downloading at the Same Time


No limitations on downloads of YouTube to mp4 1080p. Users can download an unlimited number of videos.


Varying Resolutions:


Enables YouTube to mp4 HD video quality and also compressed quality

Download audios of varying quality - Explained in Part 2  


Safe and secure with excellent customer support:


With In-app Proxy Setup to perform safe search and download YouTube to mp4 HD. is 100% free and secure download. It is fully protected by round the clock expert technical support


Part 2: Resolution Supported by


This is a great YouTube video downloader 1080p tool for users who do not have time to watch the entire video at that time. KeepVid lets them download their preferred videos in the desired format with just a single click. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes the entire conversion process effortless. The tool is also appropriate for YouTube to mp4 HD conversion.


KeepVid lets you convert YouTube videos in varying video resolutions, such as 4K and 1080p. It is a highly efficient and fast performing audio Downloader or YouTube Music downloader tool. Using it, you can download YouTube music videos to high quality audio formats covering a wide range of quality that includes 128kbps, 192kbps, and 320kbps. Once downloaded, users can play them on any device anytime.


Part 3: How to Download Long YouTube Video in Compressed Quality? [480p]


KeepVid is one of the best online YouTube to mp4 converters that let you download long YouTube videos from YouTube for offline viewing. It a reliable and fast-performing online tool that lets you convert videos from YouTube and many mainstream websites to suit your conversion requirements. Sometimes, you would need to download a large YouTube video and compress it to smaller size, the 2 step process would be way easier when you use Keepvid.


KeepVid enables you to select compressed video resolution and size, and support MP4 and MP3 for video and audio formats. When downloading YouTube video to MP4 video format, this YouTube to mp4 1080p tool presents you with a range of quality that you can select to download.


Steps to use to download compressed long YouTube videos:

  • Copy the URL of YouTube video that you need

  • Paste this video address into the text box provided for conversion.

  • Choose resolution of 480p or lesser

  • Now click on “Download Now” to begin the process of “MP3/MP4 download”.


Part 4: How to Download YouTube Videos without Losing Quality [1080p and 4k]? is a highly efficient YouTube to mp4 1080p tool that lets you download YouTube videos in 4K and 1080p without losing its sound quality. Unlike the other video downloaders, this 4k video downloader YouTube tool is free of any annoying advertisements.


It provides quick conversion without any restrictions. Users have the freedom to use it on any type of devices such as a computer, tablet, and mobile phone. The downloaded file is saved to the user’s device that they can access it anytime they want.


On downloading any YouTube video via this online YouTube to mp4 4k downloader, you are allowed to choose the highest audio and video quality for download. supports the download of YouTube to mp4 HD and UHD videos, with crystal clear sound and superior video clarity.


However, there are a few laptop screens that may not support 4k videos. In such a case, it is futile to download a 4k video. This tool also offers YouTube to mp4 1080p which can be played on almost all computers and mobile devices/.


Procedure to download YouTube to MP4 in Full HD 1080P


  • Copy the video URL from YouTube that you need.


step 1


  • Paste this video link into the text box.


step 2


  • Click on “Download Now” to start the download of MP3 audio or MP4 video.

  • Choose [1080p and 4k] as output quality. YouTube to mp4 HD conversion and download will start immediately.


step 3 YouTube to mp4 HD tool is fully compatible with several popularly used web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Extension: How to Rip Audio from YouTube Videos is an easy to use tool that you can use to extract audio from any YouTube video, with this YouTube to MP3 converter can do high quality YouTube to MP3 conversion without losing the quality of sound. The converted file will be saved in the local folder of your device. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere at your convenience to convert YouTube to audio in 320kbps.

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