Winters is the wedding season and we all have funny experiences throughout the event. The wedding movies are a reflection of those fun events to watch. Wedding movie are funny, romantic and sometimes a complete soup. You will go mad watching each of them. So, let us simply go through few funny Hollywood and Bollywood comedy wedding movies.

Best Funny / Romantic Comedy Wedding Movies - Hollywood & Bollywood

Let us check some must watch famous comedy and romantic wedding movies on Netflix or any other streamers. Some movies are about bridesmaid whereas some are simply family comedy weddings in the list below. So, get set and watch the best wedding movies from Hollywood and Bollywood listed below:

A New York Christmas Wedding (2020)

A New York Christmas Wedding is a lesbian wedding movie directed by Otoja Abit. It stars Nia Fairweather (Jennifer), Adriana DeMeo (Gabby). Jennifer and David are to marry on the Christmas Eve, the day which Jennifer hates as she lost her parents on the same day. When she is struggling with these thoughts the angel of her life comes up to show her what she wants from her life.

Jennifer actually wants to be with her friend Gabby, the life she has always been dreaming of. Gabby had been staying in Jenny’s house when abandoned by her own family. After all the ups and downs, the same sex marriage is allowed in the church and father officiates Jenny and Gabby to ssssmarry each other.

The Wedding Planner (2001)

The Wedding Planner is a wedding drama directed by Adam Shankman. It stars Jennifer Lopez (Mary), the wedding planner at San Francisco and Matthew McConaughey (Steve aka Eddie). Mary is more focused on her career when her father shows her proposal of Massimo. Fran, has hired her to plan the wedding with Steve. Steve saves Mary from an accident and tries to romance with her, but Mary is pissed with Steve ditching Fran.


As the days pass by, Fran realizes she does not want to marry Steve. On the other hand, Mary has said a yes to Massimo to save Fran and Steve’s marriage. Finally, on the same wedding day Fran and Steve have a friendly breakup. Mary’s father stops her marriage as he feels she is not happy doing that. Just then, Steve arrives and Massimo drives him to the park where outdoor movie is just about to start. Steve finds Mary, asks for dance and they kiss.

The Big Wedding (2013)

The Big Wedding is a comedy family wedding film directed by Justin Zackham. It stars Robert De Niro (Don), Dianne Keaton (Ellie), Ben Barnes (Alejandaro). It is a comedy wedding film where Alejandaro wants to marry Missy. There is a chaos among the family members. Don and Ellie are divorced after a twenty years of marriage. Alejandaro requests Don and Ellie to act married on arrival of his biological mom Madonna who is not in favour of divorce.


Don now wants to marry Bebe. Nuria, Madonna’s daughter and Jared, Don and Ellie’s son get into the relationship. Ellie has cheated Don before him, sleeping with Barry, Missy’s father. Muffin, Missy’s mom is bisexual and is interested both in Ellie and Bebe. In all this chaos, Alejandaro and Missy wants to escape and get married. Madonna realizes that Alejandaro lied to her and she leaves, he runs behind her. She simply turns back and forgives him saying her own past was not as pure as he thought.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

My Best Friend’s Wedding is a funny wedding movie directed by P.J. Hogan. It starts Julia Roberts (Julianne / Jules), Dermot Mulroney (Michael), Cameron Diaz (Kimmy). Jules and Michael are childhood friends and had once decided, if they aren’t married up to the age of 28, they would marry each other. Michael has decided to marry Kimmy when he is 28. When Jules learns this, she decides to end their marriage by hook or by crook.


Jules tries all the possible ways of breaking off Kimmy and Michael’s relation, but all in vain. She also calls her friend George to help her do this, but they fail. Finally, Jules realizes that Michael loves Kimmy truly and they are meant to be together. The couple is given Jules’ song “The Way You Look Tonight” until they find their own song. Michael and Jules say goodbyes to each other.

Tanu Weds Manu (2011) – Bollywood Wedding Movie

Tanu Weds Manu is a bollywood wedding movie directed by Aanand L. Rai. It stars Kangana Ranaut (Tanu) and Madhavan (Manu). Manu is in love with Tanu at first sight and wants to marry her. On the other hand, Tanu wants to marry her boyfriend Raja. Manu convinces Tanu’s family for her and Raja’s marriage to which they agree somewhat unwillingly.


Manu is heartbroken but helps Tanu for selecting her wedding outfit. He gifts her a large photo frame with Tanu’s various expressions and moods. Since then, Tanu gradually starts falling in love with Manu. Raja gets furious and is adamant about getting married to Tanu keeping everyone on gunpoint. At the end, Raja understands that no one including his mother is happy with this marriage and so let’s Tanu wed Manu and congratulate them with pain.

It’s Her Day (2016)

It’s Her Day is Nigerian comedy film directed by Aniedi Anwah. It casts Bovi Ugboma (Victor) and Ini Dima-Okojie (Nicole). The couple is going to marry, wherein Nicole desires a high rich-class wedding. Victor initially decides upon to give her girl a fairytale wedding.


Nicole, with her mother and sisters plan a grand wedding, which goes out of budget for Victor. The hire the most expensive photographers, call up the celebs to attend the wedding, hire an expensive wedding banquet. At the end Victor unable to bear the burden of fiancee’s demands, questions the future of relation.

Always a Bridesmaid (2019) – Movie About Bridesmaid

Always a bridesmaid is a movie about bridesmaids directed by Trey Haley. It stars Javicia Leslie (Corina) and Jordan Calloway (Mark). Corina, a 29-year old, copy editor has been visiting many of her friend’s weddings as a bridesmaid. She keeps wondering whether someday she’ll be a bride or not. She fears commitment due to her past worries.


On the other hand, Mark loves Corina and is very patient and calm. He understands Corina’s pain and fear and waits until she overcomes it and confesses her love for him. Corina is hurt due to her mother’s death and her father having a mistress when she was alive. In life, Corina learns to let go bad things, forgive people, love and embrace and stay committed to it.

Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)

Four Sisters and a Wedding is a Filipino wedding drama directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. It stars four sisters Shaina Magdayao (Gabbie), Toni Gonzaga (Teddie), Bea Alonzo (Bobbie), Angel Locsin (Alex) and a young brother Echong Dee (CJ). The story is about the four sisters trying to stop their younger brother CJ’s marriage. However, CJ is adamant about how much ever they try wedding is going to happen anyways.

The four sisters have had their own hardships and have been working to support the family financially. After being insulted by Bayag’s, CJ’s in-laws, Grace asks them to leave from their house. They family sits together and each of them tells the truth of their life and feel revealed and hug each other. At the end, CJ’s grandpa in law dies and entire family goes to express their condolences and apologize for all troubles. Finally, CJ and Princess’ wedding is postponed, but since the wedding arrangements are done Bobbie decides to marry Tristan.

Veerey Ki Wedding (2018)

Veerey Ki Wedding is a bollywood rom-com directed by Ashu Trikha. The movie stars Pulkit Samrat (Veer) and Kriti Kharbanda (Geet). Veer, is a man with golden heart and has no fears in life. He helps going out of way and does good to the society. His family is a bit worried of this careless behaviour and wishes he gets married.

Veer, a Delhi-boy falls in love with Geet, Delhi-girl. Geet’s father is strong believer of Ahimsa (non-violence). He considers Veer as rowdy and denies to get his daughter married to Veer. Veer, takes all efforts and convinces his would be father-in law of his good deeds which ultimately leads to his yes for the wedding. Veer and Geet marry and live happily together.

Runaway Bride (1999)

Runaway Bride is a cute story directed by Garry Marshall. It casts Julia Roberts

(Maggie), an energetic and charming young girl and Richard Gere (Ike), a journalist. Maggie is still unsure on her wedding day due to many unsuccessful relationships she had in the past. She has been tagged ‘’The Runaway Bride”. Ike, as a part of his job has to write a descriptive article on her life for which he decides to spend more time with Maggie.


At the wedding rehearsal with Bob, Maggie and Ike embrace and share a kiss. Bob gets possessive, while Maggie rides away in the FedEx truck. Suddenly, one day Maggie reaches Ike’s home and reveals that she loves him and ran away because she was not able to understand herself. The wish to have a small wedding ceremony over a grand celebration.

They get married over the hills and live happily ever after.

Love Wedding Repeat (2020)

Love Wedding Repeat is a creepy and funny wedding movie directed by Dean Craig. It is basically a remake of French Movie Plan de Table. It stars Sam Claflin (Jack), Eleanor Tomlinson (Hayley), Olivia Munn (Dina). The movie is basically complete chaos at Hayley and Robert’s wedding ceremony.


Marc, Hayley’s ex-boyfriend blackmails of disclosing their relation and does it hurting Robert. Jack tries various ways to stop him from doing so even by giving drugs. Finally, Jack himself gets trapped in this and gets intoxicated. When Dina comes to express herself, he is hardly able to stay awake. At the end things slowly fall in place, Marc decides to not expose his affair, Bryan, maid of honour gives a successful speech and Jack finally runs to the station behind Dina and they finally share a kiss.

Wedding Crashers (2005)

Wedding crashers is a wedding movie directed by David Dobki. It stars Owen Wilson (John), Vince Vaughn (Jeremy), Rachel McAdams (Claire) and Isla Fisher (Gloria). John and Jeremy are the two wedding crashers, who enters one of the wedding where they see bride’s sisters Claire and Gloria.


Jeremy eyes on Gloria whereas John on Claire. John is beaten up by Claire’s hot blooded Sack. Jeremy and Gloria secretly continue with their affair, which leaves John grief-stricken. John once visits to crash a funeral where he realizes value for love seeing a widow in grief. He then rushes to Jeremy and Gloria’s wedding and reconciles with Claire, kicking out Sack. The two couples drive away for their way to crash another wedding, now together.

The Wedding Ringer (2015)

The Wedding Ringer is boy’s comedy wedding movie directed by Jeremy Garelick. It casts Kevin Hart (Jimmy), Josh Gad (Doug), Kaley Cuoco (Gretchen). Jimmy provides best man service to the groom who doesn’t have enough friends to do that. Doug and Gretchen are planning to marry wherein Doug wants to hire best man and groomsmen.


The hired groomsmen act really well. However, Jimmy is still in guilt of lying to Gretchen. On the wedding day everything seems havoc to Gretchen. Her zipper is torn, her grandmother has burns, her father’s knee has blown out, food is tasteless and she doesn’t love Doug.

The wedding is called off and finally Jimmy sponsors a boys trip with Nadia to Doug for the payment he made.

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Conclusion on Funny Wedding Movies

So, along with the list of funny and rom com wedding movies on Netflix we have also given you the best tool for downloading your favourite movie. So laugh out loud and have super fun watching these amazing movies with your friends and family.

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