The war perhaps none of us will be happy to witness. But sadly enough, wars and military actions are part of one's life, or more so, that of a nation. From that perspective, Netflix is perhaps one of the unique streaming services that provide you access to a great degree of content across multiple genres. The war genre is not an excuse either. Let us check out the best war documentaries on Netflix that you would find quite interesting and unique in their own respect.

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13+ best war documentaries on Netflix

Without much ado, we will move out to find the best documentaries on war and military action that you can watch on Netflix right now. Check out the best Netflix pricing options as well.

World War II in Colour - best world war 2 documentaries on Netflix

You would want to watch the actual footage of the war rather than the discussions and interviews, this documentary should be the right choice for you. The series was released in 2009 on British TV. The show combines the original footage and provides you with digitally mastered color visuals.

What makes the series one of the unique ones among the best war documentaries on Netflix is the presence of a few scenes that were never noticed before. The series has Robert Powell narrating the outcomes and happenings. The documentary has 13 episodes, and they cover the scene of action from several fronts that include the Western Front and Eastern Front, as well as in North Africa and the Pacific.

Behind enemy lines

The original BBC documentary with the same name is now available on Netflix. It talks about the situation that the UK was in during the 1940s. The western Force had already collapsed, and Hitler was desperate to get Churchill to sign the peace agreement. It is definitely one of the excellent options for the best war documentaries on Netflix.

The UK created the Commandos, which was a force designed to turn the tide of the war in their favor. The documentary comes in four parts and explains how the new Commando force was instrumental in bringing about the new changes. It talks at length about the scenes from Dunkirk, the St Nazaire Raid, the North African campaign, and Operation Market Garden. This is yet another perfect choice for the best world war 2 documentaries on Netflix.

Medal of Honor

The documentary has been considered to be one of the most moving and powerful ones on Netflix. The Medal of Honor is the most prestigious military decoration in the United States, and it has only been received by 3500 personnel so far in the history of the United States military.

Most of these awardees belong to the American civil war era. The documentary tells us the story of 8 of the recipients, with one episode dedicated to each of them. The eight episodes chronicle the happenings at the four most important wars in American history - the Second World War, the War in Afghanistan, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It is one of the unique options for the best civil war documentaries on Netflix.

Five Came back

The documentary is an adaptation of a book of the same name. The story revolves around the five noted American movie directors - John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra, and George Stevens. You would find it to be an excellent option for the perfect and best war documentaries on Netflix.

All of them found themselves on the frontline during the second world war. The documentary is narrated by Meryl Streep and has more than 1000 hours of archival footage during the war time. The documentary is created as a three part series. The docu series focuses primarily on Ford's Battle of Midway, Capra's Why We Fight, and Stevens' life-changing experiences at Dachau.

The Age of Tanks

This is a four part documentary that talks about the history of Tanks – one of the most common means of warfare. In fact, the tanks are considered to be the most revolutionary concept of the 20th century and changed the course of the war.

The documentary begins with the story of Basil Henriques, who was the first soldier to drive a tank. Over the next three episodes, the performance of the tanks is reviewed in the wars such as the German Blitzkrieg, the Cold War, and the 21st-century wars.

Nazi Concentration Camps

The Nazi concentration camps were one of the worst things that ever happened during the world war II. The total number of Nazis killed or imprisoned was between 15 to 20 million people between 1933 to 1945. If you are looking for the perfect Netflix military documentaries, this one can fit the bill quite well.

The movie is from 1945 and shows the nasty scenes that stay within. The scenes in the documentary were compiled from the 80,000 feet of film taken by Allied military photographers after liberation. The documentary showcases the camp by camp analysis of all the atrocities during the war. Yet another option for the best world war 2 documentaries on Netflix.

November 13: Attack on Paris

The war movies are not just limited to the days of the world war, civil war, and other similar wars during the historical times. There are many events that have happened in recent times, a good example being the 9/11 attack on the Twin towers or the Mumbai terror attack on Taj. Here is yet another good option for the best civil war documentaries on Netflix.

One such incident that is etched in the public memory is the November 2015 Paris attacks. The coordinated bombings across the city cost the lives of 130 people. The attacks were the deadliest in France after the second world war. The Three part Netflix documentary chronicles the happenings in a timelined fashion.

The Russian Revolution

The Russian revolution is a huge event in the history, and this documentary does let you know what happened during the event. This documentary lasts less than an hour, but comes with a huge impact and details on the revolution. The engaged insight into the revolution is told through the rivalry between the Romanov and the Ulyanov families.

The Romanovs had been ruling the house of Russia since the 1600s. However, Lenin and his followers found the rule quite frustrating. The story culminates with the abolition of the monarchy. The documentary talks about the growth of Lenin's Bolshevik party. It should fulfill your search for the best Netflix military documentaries.

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is a 10 part documentary directed by Ken Burns, known for creating a good deal of documentaries. It was broadcast first in 2017 on PBS and is now available on Netflix. It has been considered to be one of the most unique and excellent war documentaries ever. The series took more than ten years to complete, and that should explain the efforts that were put into it.

It has first hand interviews of over 79 witnesses. The witnesses include those who fought the war and who protested it. The documentary also features more than 24,000 photos and 1,500 hours of video so that no details are left out.

Dying to Tell

The war and frontlines were actually brought to us civilians and the general public with the efforts put in by the journalists. Be it the CNN coverage during the Gulf war or any other incidents, the work of the brave journalists should always be appreciated. They live in the danger and bring you the stories and the live footage. A unique side of the Netflix military documentaries, it should perhaps make you understand the futility of wars.

The documentary tells you the story of these brave journalists and how they report the events risking their own lives. The documentary showcases the story of the journos who are kidnapped, shot at by tanks, and even killed. You have a good deal of interviews, unseen footage, and discussions through the docu series.

Being Napoleon

If you are looking forward to a lighter look at the war and warfare? This is perhaps the right documentary for the purpose. Being Napoleon takes a lighter look at the warfare that should make it a good option for those of you who may not be comfortable with the gore and blood.

The documentary focuses on the modern enactment of the Battle of Waterloo. The story focuses on two people who are looking to become the ideal Napoleon impersonator.

Apache Warrior

The story of the documentary takes place in 2003. It follows the story of a squadron of Apache fighter helicopters that enters into Iraq. The documentary focuses on the reconstruction of the experience that they had during the second Iraq war.

The reconstruction of the events is done in a great and perfect manner, and you would find no other documentary has ever been able to reach. The grounding context is a little lacking, but the unique appearance and enactment should definitely make it a great option ever.

Frontline Fighting: Battling ISIS

The war documentary is more focused on the modern day warfare not too far away into the history. The story is all about the three British volunteers who are sent to the Middle East. They have been entrusted with the task of fighting the ISIS.

They join the Kurdish fighters for reclaiming the self-proclaimed Islamic State, Rojava. They are not aware of the cruelties of war and find the disturbing deaths quite nauseating. The documentary was filmed by three ex soldiers that gives it a more authentic view.

The King’s Speech

The 2010 documentary is a biography of King George VI. The king had a significant speech impediment issue. His wife hires a speech therapist as the nation needs an efficient communicator. The therapist makes use of several means to cure the stammering issues of the king.

It may be a little off genre but offers you a glimpse into the war mongering and the state of military establishments of the time. You may not find it to be an out and out war documentary, but it does pack in a little feel good experience.

National Bird

The 2016 documentary is a beautiful depiction of the US Drone wars. We used the adjective beautiful to explain the picturization, but the details are indeed horrifying to the core. The documentary has US veterans speaking about how they killed the faceless people in another country.

The documentary provides you access to a realistic and rare portrayal of the drone wars by the United States. It should be one of the unique eye openers as an excellent documentary ever. The movie talks a lot about how the drones have killed innocent people.

Only the Dead – The best Iraq war documentaries on Netflix

The 2015 documentary is about the incidents during the Iran Iraq war that started in 2003 and went on to be fought all through the next seven years. The documentary showcases the aftermath of the war. It also depicts the radical Islam terrorism.

The documentary explains the tragedies during the war torn Iraq, while documenting the struggles that the reporters had to go through during the period of the war. The reality of the war should indeed shock you.

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The Final Wrap Up

Netflix does provide you access to a great collection of content across several genres. If you are someone who is interested in learning more about the history and wars that happened in the past, there are plenty of war documentaries available on Netflix. If you are looking to find the best documentaries in the genre, the list of the choices outlined in the above discussion should ideally be one of the unique options ever.

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