Are you a crazy movie fan? Are you the one who doesn’t want to miss out on any movies? If yes, Hulu is one of the platforms where you can watch movies of various genres. One of the genres being romantic comedy movies gives you romantic and funny experience with your loved ones.

So are you looking for the chick flicks of Hulu? Let us share a list of Hulu romantic comedy films, you shouldn’t miss on.

Best Rom Coms / Chick Flicks / Romantic Comedy Movies on Hulu

We shall now check out a few best romantic comedy movies on Hulu. This shall enhance your experience and give you a fun time with your loved ones. So, following are a few movies for couples on Hulu:

Love, Simon (2018) – High School Romance Movie on Hulu

Love, Simon is directed by Greg Berlanti. The movie is based on the novel, “Simon vs. Homo Sapiens Agenda”. The movie casts Nick Robinson, Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner. The movie depicts how a gay teen deals with pressure of releasing the secret of his life to his friends and how the world would look at him differently. Also, he has fallen in love online with Blue as pseudonym ‘Jacques’. Martin on the other hand is aware of Simon’s secret and is blackmailing him to distract people from his own humiliation.

All in all the movie is a romantic comedy LGBTQ. The journey of Simon is funny, dramatic as he deals with handling the pressure of his secret to finding his love at the Christmas carnival.

Hello, My Name is Dorris (2015)

Hello, My Name is Dorris is directed by Michael Showalter. The movie casts Sally Field and Max Greenfield. This is a romantic movie wherein a 60-year old Dorris, who stays all alone post her mother’s death, fells in love with a young co-worker John. Dorris makes frequent trials to strike a love affair between the two including day-dream fantasies.

The movie ends up with Dorris dreaming of John kissing her and she comes out of it and enters the open elevator. While John actually calls out her name and the elevator door closes.

Date Night (2010) – Chick Flicks on Hulu

Date Night is a movie directed by Shawn Levy. The movie stars are Steve Carell and Tina Fey. The couple (Phil and Claire) is bored of the routine domestic life and plan a date night after learning that their friend couple is planning a divorce to get rid of routine married life. They plan a romantic date at a Manhattan restaurant.

The date actually turns out to be an adventure wherein they get the Crenshaw and others arrested with a lot of effort. They are seen cherishing the breakfast together after this victory where Phil admits given a chance he would remarry Claire and have kids again.

Palm Springs (2020)

Palm Springs is directed by Max Barbakow. It casts Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti and J.K. Simmons. The movie is a fiction romantic comedy. It depicts how the characters Nyles and Sarah get trapped into the time loop. Sarah tries to escape the loop, but in vain. Nyles on the other hand has become carefree and lost his hope of escaping the loop.

Nonetheless, Sarah somehow finds the way to escape and gets successful doing it. Nyles and Sarah both are seen relaxing in the pool after escaping the time loop. Roy smiles thinking his plan has worked when he realizes Nyles has not recognized him after they have been out of the vicious loop.

Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994)

Four Weddings and a Funeral is directed by Mike Newell. It casts Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell. The movie depicts how Charles falls in love with a beautiful American girl Carrie. They get separated, and Carrie gets engaged to someone else. Charles still feels the love for her.

Charles moves on in his life and is about to marry Henrietta, when Carrie comes up to tell Charles about her separation from her partner. Just then Henrietta knows about Charles love and angrily punches him. But finally Charles and Carrie give a lifelong commitment to each other and they stay together happily.

Happiest Season (2020)

Happiest Season is a rom com drama directed by Clea DuVall. It casts Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis. The movie shows how Abby keeps his patience to convince Harper’s father about their love for each other during the vacation at Harper’s hometown. Harper has stopped Abby from doing so till her father’s campaign for mayor ends.

Abby faces humiliation and feels like an outsider in Harper’s hometown. The heartbroken Abby decides to leave Harper’s home when she denies being lesbian. When Harper realizes she might lose Abby, she finally confesses truth to her parents. Harper’s parents accept their relationship and finally click a family picture including Abby.

It Had To Be You (2015)

It Had To Be You has been directed by Sasha Gordon. It casts the Christin Miloti (“How I Met Your Mother”) in the lead role and Dan Soder. The movie is about a girl Sonia, who is a advertising jingle writer and is not yet ready for the marriage. When surprised by a proposal from her childhood friend Chris, she gets thinking whether to join the ranks of married friends or pursue her fantasies.

This is when she decides to travel Rome all alone, pursuing her dreams and fantasies. No wonder, through her bumpy journey she realizes the truth of life. The movie shows how the women face satirizing cultural expectations when it comes to gender and romance.

Plus One (2019)

Plus One is directed by Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer. It casts Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid. At the wedding season when all their friends are married, the two share a singles table. The two leads during this wedding season decide to be each other’s better half in every event to avoid the crazy question, “Why are you single?” from the relatives.

Ben and Alice share an amazingly entertaining chemistry while acting so. This makes the movie full of laughter, confusion and what not. No wonder they end up together, but the journey still keeps you stuck till the end.

2 Days in Paris (2007)

2 Days in Paris is directed and also starred by Julie Delpy. It also casts Adam Goldberg and Daniel Bruhl. The two characters Marion, a French-born photographer and her boyfriend Jack, American interior designer stay together in New York City. They have been for trip to Venice, which was ideally to re-ignite passion in their relationship turns out to be quiet unromantic.

They now take a train to Paris to get Marion’s cat from her parents and decide to stay there for two days. In these 2 days, Jack is shocked to see Marion being in contact with many of her ex-lovers. He becomes quiet uncomfortable due to linguistic barrier in Paris. On the other hand, Marion is fighting her own insecurities for love, relations and her passionate behavior.

Now that, you have the best rom coms of all time to watch, let us address the concern of watching it in best quality video and audio. So, check the process of downloading the video in the best quality and cherish your time.

How To Download Best Rom Coms of All Time On Hulu?

Well, it is always better to download the movies you are willing to watch to avoid any error on Hulu when you are desiring to see one. No wonder, Hulu provides streaming service, but it does come with few of its own limitations. So, to get an unique and enhanced experience, we recommend downloading the movie using third party downloader.

The best movie downloader we recommend is KeepStreams. It offers the best video downloading experience in just 3 simple steps. It gives you an access to Hulu movies, TVs, shows, etc.

Before using the tool, we would definitely like you to know why you should be using it. Following are the features of this downloader:

  • It allows you to download the movie in top quality (upto 1080p), which allows you to watch the movie in best quality wherever and whenever you want to.
  • If you are a full-time movie watcher, you definitely would want to download the whole series of the show on one click. The Batch Download feature enables you to do that.
  • The tool doesn’t stay outdated. Yes, it is updated with every new update on Hulu’s official website giving the high-end technology based on user’s needs and market trends.
  • You can also choose the professional EAC audio tracks.
  • With this tool, you will not have any interruption of ads in between. You can watch the movie without losing the flow.
  • Not just these, KeepStreams comes with many other features which include easy transfer of movies to various devices, high speed mp4 downloads, etc.

All in all, this tool is a perfect downloader on Hulu to enhance and give you unique movie watching experience. So, to enjoy the best rom coms on Hulu, you may simply download it with this tool.

Conclusion on Good Rom Coms on Hulu

With this, we hope we have given the list of best chick flicks on Hulu. No wonder, downloading the romantic comedies on Hulu with the above mentioned tool shall enhance your watching experience. You can now have fun and laugh out loud with the best rom coms of all time.

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