The Lesbianism has been catching up of late, and people do not hesitate anymore to express their true sexuality. From that perspective, it has become quite common to witness the mainstream media and movies to embracing the sexual awareness or awakening in a more positive manner. With that knowledge as a backdrop, we began our search for the best Lesbian movies that you can stream on Hulu. Without much ado, let us check out the Best lesbian movies on Hulu.

22+ Best Lesbian Movies on Hulu Right Now

Finding the best Lesbian movies on Hulu should not necessarily be a huge concern as such. The easy to use search functionality and the genre-wise categorisation of the titles of the streaming service has been quite exemplary in their own right.

Meanwhile, you would also want to know how to convert Hulu videos into MP4. That would make it easy to play your videos on any device easily.

Happiest Season

It is a Holiday lesbian movie and a romantic comedy strewn together. It does not really disappoint you with its fresh content. The main plot of the movie is about a girl who decides to propose to her girlfriend. She decides to do it during the annual holiday party. This should be a great option for the best lesbian movies to stream on Hulu.

But, her girlfriend has conflicts with her conservative family. The movie has every element of romance and comedy, and you will find it to be a great movie for family entertainment. The emotional touch in the movie is quite subtle, yet touching.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

The movie is set in the France of the 1770s, and is about the relationship that develops between a painter and her model. A painter has been hired to do a wedding portrait of a reluctant woman. The woman has just left the convent and is actually not interested in a bride.

The painter has to paint her without her knowing about it, and while observing her through the day and night, she falls for her model. The plot and the performance definitely impress you, even when the climax is not something you would call a happy ending. You would find it to be one of the unique options for the Best lesbian movies on Hulu.


The 2015 movie is about the sexual awakening of a small town girl and how she moves on the become friends with her girlfriend. The plot revolves around a small-time girl who moves on a life changing journey with a drifter. She is fired from her current job and is offered a job by her boyfriend.

He asks her to stay with him, and Sarah actually agrees. But, one fine day, she meets Pepper, and the story takes a completely new turn. She begins exploring a world beyond what she had expected.

Life Partners

This is a 2014 movie and follows the lives of two women who have been friends for a long time. One of them is straight, and the other is a lesbian. They move on to find someone with whom they can have a serious relationship.

They try online dating services. While one of them gets a perfect partner, the life of the other is in shatters. The series of events finally begins to take a toll on their friendship. The tension leads to a series of fall outs that actually threaten their relationship in its totality. That would ideally make it one of the unique options for the Best lesbian movies on Hulu.

The Duke of Burgundy

This is yet another promising lesbian movie that is streaming on Hulu. The plot follows the complex relationship between a teacher and her student. Through the movie, it appears as if the older woman is holding a dominance over the other girl.

However, as the story progresses, one comes to find that the true master player of the relationship is the student herself. The student is looking for a sexually satisfying relationship, while the teacher begins growing unsettled. She doesn't want her lover to leave her simply because of her age. If you are checking out the perfect options for the Best lesbian movies on Hulu, this is one of them.


Booksmart was a movie that inspired a lot of lesbians when it came out. Everyone was actually dying to watch the movie and were in a way relating to the series of events that take place in the movie. The two academic excellent students realise on their graduation day that they missed special moments from their teenage years.

They decide to cram up what they missed through those four years into one night. They proceed on a chaotic adventure. One of them simply feels like having come out of age and tries to get the best exploration of her sexuality and romantic interests.

The Girl king

The movie is all about the Queen Kristina of Sweden. She was crowned at the age of six and looked to modernise Sweden. The conservative forces of the time attempted to stop her. She also goes through a growing awareness of her sexual awakening.

The queen is not ready to abide by the conservative ideals prevailing at the time for her culture. The things take a further turn when she falls in love with a woman. Empowered female characters are what this movie stands for, and you will find it a great one at that. If you are wondering What are the top 10 lesbian movies on Hulu, this can be one of the good options.

Margarita with a Straw

This one is an Indian film in the Hindi language. The movie talks about a rebellious woman with cerebral palsy who leaves India to study in New York. During the study for her undergraduate course in New York, she moves on a path of self discovery.

She falls in love with a blind girl. Quite an unusual plot for a Hindi or an Indian movie, it should definitely be a rare coming of age content ever. The movie captures different topics and nuances of a relationship.

A Simple Favour

More than a lesbian movie, it is more about a crime thriller. The movie is based on a novel by the same name. The plot of the movie revolves around a small town vlogger. She is trying to solve the disappearance of her friend.

The two of the characters have a ton of chemistry between them. While it may not be a truly lesbian movie, it gives out a few hints into the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two. In fact, you also have a super sext kiss between them!

Desert Hearts

It was a ground-breaking movie in the genre of lesbian movies. In fact, it was even considered to be the first mainstream lesbian movie ever. Given the time period that it was released, it was quite revolutionary.

The plot is all about a professor in New York who has divorced her husband and has a lesbian relationship with another woman. The best part with the movie is that it comes with a happy ending which is quite uncommon during such movies at the time.

Carmen and Lola

This one is a Spanish drama and showcases the coming of age cult in its best possible avatar. The plot revolves around the two women from the gypsy community. The two women simply break the legacy carried by other women from her community – getting married and raising children.

When the two meet, they develop a complicity, and together they discover a new world. They decide to lead a life that is completely rejected by their respective families.

Liz in September

Yet another foreign drama, this one comes straight from Venezuela. The romance drama is all about an ill lesbian. She is attracted and is in a relationship with a woman who has recently lost her son to cancer.

The movie definitely is quite gloomy with its sad story and the ending, but it has been quite coming of age in terms of its presentation. The scenes and storyline tend to be quite complicated and unlikely in real life. However, you would indeed love the funny, emotional filled and deeper presentation.


The movie AWOL is about a young woman who searches for a direction in her life. She even thinks of joining the army to give her life a direction. But, she meets and falls in love with a woman. The life takes a very unusual turn and direction after that.

Once again, like a few of the movies in this list, this one, too, does not have a happy ending. If you are in love with the new lesbian movie and looking for the newer options, it may be the right one, but if you are a veteran of the lesbian movies, you may feel a little disappointed.

Hearts Beat Loud

This one is a popular and extremely relatable indie summer comedy and a great addition to the best lesbian movies on Hulu right now. It features a cool girl who loves enjoying her last summer at home with her dad.

She loves creating music and meanwhile falls in love with another girl. Even when the movie may appear a little wee and fluffy romance, the teenagers will indeed fall in love with it. In fact, the fact that the movie is centred around teenage black lesbian and mixed race romance, it is bound to create a unique experience. You would definitely be a great movie among black lesbian movies.

Princess Cyd

It was considered to be one of the unique and great queer movies of 2017. In fact, it was featured in the positive reviews of most of the mainstream magazines. In fact, the movie has been one of the powerful coming of age movies and showcases the perfect degree of sexual discovery and awakening.

The woman empowerment showcased all through the movie is yet another great option that you would find much rewarding. Each of the women in the movie come across as content and connected.


An adaptation from the book by Ariel Schrag, this movie is directed by Rhys Ernst. The adaptation includes even the most offensive inclusions from the book. In fact, the plot of the story itself tends to be quite unpleasant. It involves a guy visiting his sister and going through it mistaken to be a trans guy.

The movie has several scenes and subplots which may bring you multiple attractions. These include a trans woman dating a cis woman. The movie may not gel well with everyone as such, but it deserves to be one of the excellent options for a perfect lesbian and LGBTQ+ movie.

The Color Purple

This is a movie adapted from the novel by Alice Walker. The sad part for some of you can be that the movie adaptation does not have the explicit romantic escapades described in the novel. The director later claimed that it was a foolish decision to exclude a few of the romantic encounters.

The movie is definitely a great option for something erotic and intentional. Though it has no explicit scenes, you would love the explicit plot. A worth watching movie in every right.


This is not an extreme lesbian movie, but a noir film that indeed impresses you. The excitement and the sex appeal put forward in the movie can be what would make it one of the formidable choices ever.

The movie does showcase the lesbian love and misandry in one of the most brilliant ways. The sex scenes that have been choreographed quite decently should further make it a good choice for a female-friendly lesbian movie. One of the momentous and prominent lesbian movies.

Almost Adults

The movie is about two childhood friends who try keeping their friendship intact. One of them is a lesbian and has her first relationship. They are looking for some ME space towards the end of their senior year of college.

The movie may not be perfect, and there are a few issues that you would perhaps notice throughout the entire movie. The best part is that the movie is almost in the genre of feel good and that should make it what it is and why it finds a place in this list.


The movie has Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan in the lead, and it should be your best bet for one of the most unique movies of all time. This movie talks about a real-life story of the 19th century. It is centred around the palaeontologist Mary Anning and her love affair with society lady Charlotte Murchison.

The movie has a great appearance and storyline. But the cast actually does not meet the expectations. There are a few dynamic action sequences, and you would definitely find it one of the excellent options ever. The unique and special in its own right, it is definitely one of the good lesbian movies on Hulu.

Reaching for the Moon

The movie follows the lives of American poet Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian designer Lota de Macedo Soares. The two women are very headstrong and have a very dramatic affair. It can be a good option for the best lesbian movie ever on the list.

The movie does talk about a wide range of issues and is not limited to the lesbian relationships alone. It has a few interesting subplots that include depression, substance abuse, and the creative process. You will find how these factors affect their relationship.

Tru Love

This one is a Canadian movie that talks about the serial bed hopping lesbian. She is moving ahead in life in an aimless manner. She meets someone in her old age, and that changes the course of her life. The theme would definitely make it a great option for the good lesbian movies on Hulu.

The protagonist of the movie meets a 60 year old widow and her busy lawyer daughter. This is where sparks begin to fly, and she notices a huge change in her life. However, there are a few other complications that would make you go unique.

Good Kisser

It is a movie about two lesbian friends who are going through a good relationship through the years. However, they decide to add more charm to their relationship by inviting a friend onto their bed. That changes the course of their life. You would find it a good option for the best lesbian series on Hulu.

The threesome is assumed to fire up their relationship. However, you will find the conflicts flying between them. The movie and the threesome are what would make it more enjoyable and unique.

Can you download the movies on Hulu?

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The Concluding Thoughts

Well, when it comes to the lesbian movies, you would find that the Hulu streaming service does provide you access to an enhanced degree of experience in enjoying your videos to your heart’s content. The content library available on the streaming service should definitely make it a formidable option ever. You may also look for the right lesbian series on Hulu.

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