There is indeed no dearth for getting access to any sort of content that you are interested in. If you are someone who is interested in enjoying one of the perfect true crime stories ever, you would find a wide range of streaming services offering you an enhanced degree of experience in how to get access to a huge number of options across several streaming services. Let us check out a few great options that you would find quite exciting and unique on a multitude of streaming services.

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We will check out the best true crime documentaries available on a wide range of streaming services. We will check out the streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime.

Before you move on, how about checking out a few options on how download Netflix app on different devices?

Best crime documentaries on Netflix

Netflix being one of the most widely used streaming services and a pioneer in its genre, it is our obvious first choice for finding the best true crime documentaries on Netflix.

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

The documentary was specifically created for the TV audience and it does come with a great production value. The plot revolves around a college recruiting counsellor who is involved in wrong doings cons.

He assists the wealthy parents in providing their kids an admission into the college. The Netflix true crime documentary examines the exact scenario involved in the college admission scandal. You will find the show featuring original media clips making it all the more authentic.

Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness

This is a four part true crime documentary and showcases the intricacies in the infamous Son of Sam killings. The documentary is influenced by the book “The Ultimate Evil: The Search for the Son of Sam,”. The plot follows the journalist who is trying to find the truth. You would find it offering one of the excellent options as the best crime documentaries on Netflix.

The journalist does not want to believe the one man killer theory put forth by the investigators. While the culprit has been in jail, there are several theories put forward for the actual killers. One such theory even charges a satanic cult called The Children. It should be your best bet for the best crime documentaries on Netflix.

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

This is yet another great option for the best true crime documentary on Netflix ever. The Night Stalker is one of the most notorious killers of the 1980s. the serial killer Richard Ramírez was responsible for thee killings of 14 people.

He used to break into the people’s home and kill them. It was also believed that he was a Satan worshipper and undertook these killings to satiate Satan. The crimes were reported throughout California during the 1980s. The documentary focusses on the search for the evasive killer.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

The documentary is centred around the popular Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. One of the most mysterious locations, the hotel is known for a notorious history. The documentary explores the history of the hotel and the mysterious death of Canadian college student Elisa Lam.

The hotel is known for the dark energy since years. Since it was the home for the popular killer Richard Ramirez, the ambiguity of the hotel has further increased. Given the fact that more than 80 people were killed at the Cecil Hotel, it has been one of the most notorious hotels ever. Want to watch the best crime documentaries on Netflix? This is the perfect option for your needs.

Murder Among the Mormons

The documentary follows the crime and other details of Mark Hoffman, who is the notorious forgers ever in the history. The plot follows the creation of his several forged documents and how they were intended for use in the Latter Day Saint movement.

He was known to have conned practically everyone with his artefacts. The documentary also explores how the forging was turned into bomb making and other dangerous events that hit the church.

The Staircase

The story dates back to 2001, and revolves around the death of two wives of Michael Peterson. After his first wife was killed after falling from the staircase, the second wife too meets the same fate. The mysterious circumstances point to the doubts on whether Peterson was involved in the deaths in any way.

The documentary provides you access to an unusual case where it follows the case in real time. The case had captivated the world for over two decades and the documentary showcases the case in one of the best ways ever. One of the best crime documentaries on Netflix, it should be your great option ever in every sense of the word.

Making a Murderer

It has been regarded as one of the unique options for the much-referenced crime documentary series. The documentary does not ideally does not need you to have any introduction. The duo Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are in the prison for a convicted murder.

The documentary discusses the death of Teresa Halbach. The show has the new lawyer Kathleen Zellner tries investigating the case in a very positive manner.

Best crime documentaries on Hulu

Having covered Netflix to certain extent, we though of exploring Hulu and finding a few good options for the best true crime documentaries on Hulu.

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Tickled is a 2016 documentary and looks to find more details about the competitive endurance tickling events. The New Zealand based reporter, David Farrier looks to get an interview with the media company that is organising these events. It can definitely be called a great options for the popular crime documentaries.

He receives a hostile message and thus he decides to investigate further into the case. As part of his investigation, he finds a few harrowing details that include far darker, toxic, and hostile environment behind the events. You would find it to be a great choice for an enhanced experience in terms of the Best crime documentaries on Hulu.

Fyre Fraud

This documentary was released in 2019 and it talks at length about the failed Fyre Festival. The plot move through the discussion of the events, details and other aspects of the festival. The event was actually considered to be a VIP event and the attendees were expected to pay thousand of dollars. For attending the festival.

The documentary talks at length about the surprising details of the festival and the marketing behind it. You would find the information on people who put it together and those who were supposed to attend it. The documentary also has an interview with the brain behind the fraud - Billy McFarland. It can double up as one of the Best crime documentaries on Hulu.

Say Her Name: The Life And Death Of Sandra Bland

The original HBO documentary is now available on Hulu. It showcases the events that surround the Sandra Bland's arrest and death. One of the most prolific civil rights activist, Sandra was arrested and was later found dead.

She was involved in the Black Lives Matter movement. She was found dead in her jail cell a few days after her arrest. Even when her death was ruled a suicide, there were a lot of theories that considered it to be a systematic elimination. Check it out and you would find it a great option for practically all thee needs that you may have among the Best crime documentaries on Hulu.

Frank Serpico

The documentary talks at length about the real Frank Serpico and explores his life in his own words. There was a movie with him as the central character and it was quite dramatized. That was not well received by the audiences.

This documentary makes an attempt at finding the real truth about the man. For the uninitiated, Frank was a New York City police officer in the 1960s. he became a whistle blower when he revealed a major corruption in his own department.

Beware The Slenderman

The documentary is based on the creation of the Slenderman story. It also makes an attempt at exploring the urban legend and the series of crimes associated with it. The concept was a digital creation and further flowed into the real life, making huge headlines.

The Slenderman was actually created on the internet and was designed to stay in the digital world. However, as things were destined to, it led to the real life murder. The legend or the creation was taken quite seriously by the two teenagers viz Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier and they killed one of their friends by luring her into the woods.

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery

The case had shaken the nation when it happened. The woman was under trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. The documentary takes the case into account right from the beginning till end. It even features a few phone calls.

The documentary also features several people such as the judge who oversaw the trial, a former friend of Anthony, and two well-known crime journalists. It does provide you access to an insight into the events surrounding the death of the child. That makes this one of the most popular crime documentaries.

The Most Dangerous Animal Of All

It is one of the latest additions to the crime documentaries on Hulu. It follows the story of a man called Gary Stewart insisted that his father was the zodiac killer. He even went on writing a book on it.

The documentary is quite intense in its approach. It follows the book and the person. The book even claims that his mother was she was stalked, kidnapped, abused, and impregnated when she was just a teenager.

Best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime

The next popular streaming service that we would be tackling is the Amazon Prime service. We will check out the best true life crime stories on Amazon Prime video.

If you are interested in any of those documentaries, you can easily download them for offline viewing.

Finding Kendrick Johnson

The documentary comes up eight years after the mysterious death of Kendrick Johnson. Created by the filmmaker Jason Pollock, it seeks to investigate the controversy behind the case. It has been regarded as one of the unique and great option for the Best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime.

The story revolves around Johnson, a 17-year-old high schooler who was found dead in the high school gymnasium. You can either buy or rent the documentary on the service and find the inside details of the case in a finer detail.

Cold Case Files

The show is a reboot of a series with the same name. You would find the exact scenario of the cases and how the crime was investigated. In fact, the documentary is all about the cases that went quiet. More possibly due to the lack of technology.

The lost cases are revisited after the years and the development in technology would make them solvable. The investigative technique and a high production value makes the documentary quite a great option in several counts. Make sure that you would find it to be one of the unique options for the Best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime.

Unsolved Mysteries

The documentary ran from 1987 to 2010 and showcases the variety of cases that remained unsolved. The cases handled in the documentary range from the true crime stories to the supernatural events. The format of the show is quite impressive and the show has remained effective for years.

The documentary has a few episodes which has update on the previous cases that were covered in the past. It can be one of the most impressive and unique documentaries on Amazon Prime video. The show is quite relevant even today.

The Last Narc

The 2020 documentary focusses on the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena in February 1985. It also focusses on the events that happened after the crime. In fact, the documentary assumes that there is more to the case than what meets the eye and tries exploring those details.

Presented in four parts, the docuseries has the interviews with the family members and even with the members of the cartel. The show provides you access to the horrifying events that followed the death of Enrique Camarena. You would find it a great choice if you are searching for the Best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime.

Air Crash Investigation

The documentary is also known by several other names such as Mayday, Air Emergency, Air Disasters, and Mayday: Air Disasters. It showcases the dangerous events that took place in an aircraft. The series has interviews with the aviation experts as well.

The documentary focuses on what went wrong with the aircraft and how could the tragedy have been averted. The use of computer graphics to explain the happening s can be yet another great option that you would find quite impressive. More than a crime documentary, it can be seen as an educational tool.

Truth and Lies: The Menendez Brothers

It was the case that dominated the headlines in the 90s. It is still seen as one of the most major true crime story ever. The brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez were sentenced to life for their crime in in the double murder of their parents.

The documentary released in 2017 chronicles the incident and the evens therein with the home videos and photos that were never seen before. You also have a few accounts from the friends, or even neighbors, family, and other members of the Menendez brothers close circle.

Murder on Middle Beach

Want to know who killed Barbara Hamburg? The documentary is definitely what would make it one of the excellent options in the case. The plot revolves around the son’s grief on the unsolved mystery of his mother’s death.

Directed by the first time director Madison Hamburg, uncovers the details of his mother’s life and death. The mother – the 48-year-old single mother to be precise was found dead in her lawn in 2020. The eight years of footage should definitely make it one of the formidable choices ever.

Best crime documentaries on HBO Max

Next on in our list of our favourite streaming services is HBO Max. Let us explore a few great true crime documentaries on HBO Max.

Class Action Park

This is one of the unique and classic true crime documentaries on HBO Max that has gone beyond the traditional level of crime shows. The story tells about the events at the Class Action Park. The New Jersey water park has been known for the danger and death and even lack of safety.

Right from it was launched in 1978 to 1996 when it was closed, the park was a witness to at last six deaths and a countless number of injuries. The documentary explains what happened with these cases and how the park remained in business despite the issues. It should be the best bet for your needs in terms of the Best crime documentaries on HBO Max.

Mommy Dead and Dearest

Offered to you by Erin Lee Carr who is an expert in the true crime documentaries, this one should be one of the excellent options that you would not want to miss out on HBO Max. he covers the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard in Mommy Dead and Dearest.

The documentary showcases the story of the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard who was just 19 years old and conspired to murder her mother in 2015. The documentary moves you through the dramatization of the case and also poses a few serious questions about the judicial system. That should make it a worthy addition among the formidable options the Best crime documentaries on HBO Max.

Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop

Coming from director Erin Carr, this is yet another masterpiece and a great choice for the Best crime documentaries on HBO Max that you would not want to miss out on. The documentary present before you a strange case of a NYPD officer Gilberto Valle. The officer was accused of plotting to kidnap, rape, kill, and cannibalize women in 2012.

The case was registered after his wife discovered several internet messages that described his actions in a chat story. The magnitude of the allegations grew when he began accessing the details of women on the National Crime Information Center database through his NYPD credentials.

The Cheshire Murders

The documentary plots the story of an invasion that virtually destroyed the small town in Connecticut. It happened in 2007 when two men entered home and began terrorising a family of four. The incident left only the father of the family alive.

The documentary can be a little appalling as it comes with a graphical representation of the child rape and murder. The documentary has the interviews with the family of the attackers who ask for the death sentence for the two men.

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

The documentary tackles the story of the serial killer Robert Durst and the attempt to arrest him. It documents the life and death of the New York real estate heir. He was tried for the murder of Susan Berman who was one of the three victims of the murderer.

He was also accused of killing his first wife Kathleen McCormack in 1982 and his neighbor Morris Black in 2001. The documentary has the killer himself sitting down with the director and offering interviews. These interviews were used as evidence against him during the trial.

Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn

The documentary talks about the murder of Yusuf Hawkins. Of course, that was a case of a hate crime. But this documentary talks about the other theories that have been put forward. The 1989 shooting death of the Black 16-year-old has been quite interesting in its own right.

The documentary from 2020 makes an attempt at letting you understand the essence of the case. The documentary also focuses on the racism and subsequent issues in a finer detail. You would find it is quite heart-breaking in very possible manner.

Onision: In Real Life

This is one of the latest documentaries on HBO Max and you would find it a good option for providing you access to the life of the sociopath’s psyche. Onison is regarded as a sick, demented, and polarizing personality among the YouTubers.

The documentary attempts shedding some light on the life of the man. He ahs been observed to be responsible for some of the awful videos on the platform. The docuseries showcases the criminal personality of the person.

Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

This is a 1996 documentary and it should be one of the excellent options for the best documentary on HBO Max. The story revolves around the infamous case of Arkansas' West Memphis Three. You would find that it offers you access to one of the excellent options letting you understanding the disturbing crime.

The case is all about three 8-year-old boys were found dead and mutilated in a wooded area known as Robin Hood Hills. The Local teenagers Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley Jr., and Jason Baldwin were accused in the charge and arrested. But, the accusations appeared to be quite flimsy.

Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

The documentary is based on the death of Garrett Phillips spurred a multitude of tragedies. It shows the New York family losing their 12-year-old son in a senseless act of violence. But, the investigation smacks of racism and that is the prime theme of the documentary.

The documentary looks for justice on both fronts. In fact, it asks the questions in the right spirit in the right context. You would find the rally for the identification and arrest of the real killer.

Best true crime documentaries on Discovery Plus

The last streaming service that we would want to discuss here is of course, Discovery Plus. Albeit being the latest entrant in the realm of streaming services, it has been one of the unique options ever. Let us check out the best true crime documentaries on Discovery Plus.

JonBenét Ramsey: What Really Happened?

The year 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the killing of the murder of 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey on Christmas Morning 1996. The incident had happened in Colorado and has been one of the severely demonic cases. The case still remains unsolved and that is the crux of this documentary. In fact, it has been regarded as one of the best true crime documentaries on Investigation Discovery.

There have been a huge number of shows and stories about the case, and this documentary attempts to be one of the best among them. The show explains the investigation in a very finer detail. You will be able to witness few audio recordings that were never heard before. You would find it a great option for the Best true crime documentaries on Discovery Plus.

Family Man, Family Murderer

Chris Watts is perhaps the name that the Americans will not be able to forget ever. He was responsible for the killing of Shanann Watts, her two young daughters, and her unborn child. The case dates back to 2018 and is one of the most heinous crimes in the history of the nation.

The documentary takes a look at the psyche of the man who was thought to be a loving husband and father. The murder mystery has interviews with the family members and the friends of the culprit. You will also find the re-enactments and narration to be one of the strongest points in favour of the incident. enjoy one of the Best true crime documentaries on Discovery Plus to achieve the best experience ever.

Brittany Murphy

The 2020 documentary on Discovery Plus has been known to be one of the unique options in the long run among the best true crime documentaries on Discovery Plus. A popular star of the movies such as Clueless and 8 Mile, Brittany Murphy died in 2009 under suspicious circumstances. The documentary makes an attempt at understanding what happened to her.

There has been a growing mystery around the shocking death of the actor and the documentary makes an attempt at finding the truth. The ID murder mystery tries finding the causes of the untimely death of Murphy.

O.J. And Nicole: An American Tragedy

This is a documentary that focuses on the trial of O.J. Simpson. If you are someone who is aware of the court proceedings and important cases, you would remember that it was a landmark moment in ‘90s pop culture.

The trial was on the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. The documentary makes use of he photos and thee victim’s own verbal accounts, tries shedding light on what happened on the fateful day. The personal and in depth presentation is what would make it one of the unique documentaries ever.

BTK: Chasing A Serial Killer

The 2020 documentary attempts to shed light on one of the most prolific and popular serial killers in the history of Americas. The docuseries comes in three parts and the details the crimes committed by several serial killer and the ultimate resolution of the case.

The series explains the murders committed by Dennis Rader. In fact, he even hid his secret from his own family, friends, and neighbors. It explains how the killer preyed on the community of Wichita, Kansas, for three decades.

Vanity Fair Confidential

The concept of Vanity Fair has been a great one in terms of the pop culture, fashion, and current events journalism. The documentary makes an attempt at understanding the shocking storis in this format.

The docuseries coms with 48 episodes and each of them share a unique story. In fact, a few of them are shared by the biggest and brightest writers. The topics range across the ones such as the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur. Each of the episodes cover the entire gamut of the true crime.

Doomsday: The Missing Children

The documentary talks about the recent true crime and it describes the disappearance of JJ Vallow and his step-sister, Tylee Ryan, after they went missing in Idaho in the fall of 2019. It should definitely be one of the stories that touches you deeply.

The three part documentary series tries to understand more about the mother of the kids. She actually became the public enemy number one. The newer and grime details make it one of the gloomy options.

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The Final Wrap Up

True crime documentaries have always proved to be one of the excellent options for providing you with a very decent experience ever. If you are someone looking for the best crime stories and documentaries, the list of the best choices across different streaming services outlined here should work as a great experience by almost every count. Check them out and explore the world of the perfect documentaries.

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