Let us all agree to the fact that we all have a special place in our hearts for 90s movies . But while 90s thrillers, comedies and action movies take up most of the hype, the unsung heroes of the decade are 90s rom coms. Romantic comedies are the perfect combination of fun with a touch of romance. It lightens the mood at times and sometimes builds it up. Whatever the case, 90s rom coms are some of the greatest rom coms ever made.

Movies like Clueless, which is a cultural icon now, still has influence over our generation. Other rom coms like Notting Hill, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and She's All That are movies that are evergreen. So, without delay, let's talk a bit about 90s romantic movies from Hollywood!

List of Best 1995 Romantic Comedy Films

Let's check out the list of 1995 romantic comedy films from the best 90s rom-coms.

Clueless - Best 90s Rom-Com

If you are looking for 90s rom-com movies to watch, then Clueless might be a great option for you. It is directed by Amy Heckerling, and the cast includes Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Brittany Murphy, and Stacy Dash.

The movie revolves around Cher Horowitz, a rich girl who is very popular in her high school. She is a very gullible girl but good at heart. She always tries to do good for others, so when new student Tai comes, Cher decides that she is in desperate need of a makeover. As Cher travels through her teen years, she starts gaining more insight about herself, specifically who she likes.

French Kiss: Best Rom Com Of All Time

French Kiss is a 1995 movie directed by Lawrence Kasdan. One of the best romantic comedies from the 90s and 2000s, this movie stars Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton, and Jean Reno.

The movie revolves around Kate, who is engaged to Charlie. But this engagement might have to wait as Charlie is head over heels for a Parisian woman. As Kate boards a plane to confront Charlie in Paris, she meets Luc, a con artist and a crook, who uses Kate to smuggle a necklace. It leads Luc to the hotel where Charlie is staying along with Kate. But as Kate and Luc spend more time together, Kate gets confused, figuring if getting back together with Charlie is really what she wants .

While You Were Sleeping- 90s Romantic Movie from Hollywood

While You Were Sleeping is a 1995 movie directed by John Turtletaub. Starring Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman, and Peter Gallagher, this movie is definitely one of the best rom coms of all times that you can stream on any platform.

Lucy is a transit worker, and one day, she saves Peter, who happened to be her crush, from an oncoming train. Peter survived, but he is now, unfortunately, in a coma. Lucy is there with Peter and his family, and the comment from Lucy makes the family think that Lucy is Peter's fiancé. However, Lucy doesn't correct their misconception even when the family takes her under their care. But things start to get complicated when Lucy starts falling for Peter's brother, Jack.

Forget Paris

Forget Paris is a 1995 movie directed by Billie Crystal. Starring Billy Crystal, Debra Winger, and Joe Mantegna, this movie is an oldie but a goodie.

Mickey is a basketball referee. On his way to France, where he was going to bury his father, who recently died, Mickey meets an airline worker when his dead father's casket is lost by the airline. The two people instantly hit it off and developed a connection. But circumstances and hurdles in life threaten to tear them apart.

Nine Months

Nine Months is a 1995 romantic comedy film directed by Chris Columbus. Starring Hugh Dancy, Julianne Moore and Robin Williams.

Former playboy and child psychologist Samuel Faulkner gets a shock when his girlfriend Rebecca tells him that she is pregnant. Samuel is scared of commitment, and it starts to show up, so Rebecca decides to leave him. But he loves Rebecca and wants to be with her, so he needs to tackle the responsibilities of fatherhood as well, which he has helped with- from Rebecca's quirky obstetrician.

List of 1998 Romantic Comedy Films

Now let's check out some 1998 movies from the 90s romantic movies of Hollywood.

You've Got Mail: Best 90s Rom Com on Netflix

You've got mail is a 1998 romantic movie directed by Nora Ephron. Starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Greg Kinnear, it is one of the best 90s rom coms on Netflix right now, which is a must watch.

Kathleen is the owner of a small book shop, and she absolutely hated Joe, her business arch-nemesis who just moved in opposite Kathleen's store. However, when both of them stumble upon each other online, they are in the dark about each other's identity , and they start falling for each other online. But when they learn their true identities, both Joe and Kathleen are confused about what to do- should they keep hating each other as they did, or can there be room for something more?

There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary is a 1998 romantic comedy film directed by Peter and Bob Farrelly. Starring Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon.

Ted is a nerd who is still smitten with his childhood sweetheart Mary. They were supposed to go to prom together but never did because of a disaster at Mary's home. Years later, Ted hires a private investigator to find out where Mary is because he wants to get back together with her. But that's not going to be easy because he has to defeat other guys first to get Mary's attention.

Shakespeare In Love

Shakespeare in Love is a 1998 film directed by John Madden. Starring Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Judi Dench.

This movie revolves around Shakespeare and his writer's block. He is looking for a muse who can inspire him. And he finds one in Viola, a rich woman who loves the theatre. Viola becomes his muse, but problems arise when she wants to act in Shakespeare's plays. Also, she is promised to another for marriage.

The Wedding Singer: Best Comedy from 90s and 2000s

The Wedding Singer is a 1998 rom-com directed by John Coraci. Starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and Alexis Arquette.

The movie revolves around Rob, a heartbroken guy who is ironically a wedding singer. His fiancé leaves him at the altar, and he has lost all hope. But then, he meets Julia, a waitress, and the two hit it off really well. But Julia is engaged to another man, who treats her like garbage. So, Rob must stop the marriage and make her choose him over the bad guy.

The Object of My Affection

The Object of my Affection is a 1998 movie directed by Nicholas Hytner. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd and Allison Janney.

Nina is a social worker, who is a nice friend, invites her gay friend over to stay with her after he breaks up with his boyfriend. Nina, too, has a predicament. She is pregnant, but her boyfriend is not with her anymore. As the two friends start living together and they even raise the child together, Nina discovers that she is starting to fall in love with her friend.

List of 1993 Romantic Comedy Films

Let's check some of 1993 rom-coms from the best 90s romance movies out the following:

Sleepless In Seattle: Best 90s Rom Coms

Sleepless in Seattle is a 1993 movie directed by Nora Ephron. Starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, it is one of the best rom coms of all time and is still loved to this day.

The movie revolves around Sam Baldwin, who, after the death of his wife, moves to New Jersey with his son. However, when Sam and his son Jonah stumble upon a talk show, Sam starts talking about all the pent up feelings he has after the death of his wife. However, Annie, a reporter, hears Sam speaking his feelings so courageously. She feels something for him, even though she's engaged. Either way, Annie asks Sam to meet her at Valentine's Day, on the Empire State Building ! But what happens after that? Both of them haven't got a clue.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a 1993 film directed by Harold Ramis. If there was a list of best rom-coms of all time this movie would surely make a list. The cast includes Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell as the main characters.

When Phil, a misanthrope, is given to cover a story about a "Groundhog" day that occurs in a small town, he is not very thrilled. He does not want to work on this story revolving around a rat like a creature that supposedly predicts the weather. Things start to worsen when Phil starts to relive the exact same day over and over. Moreover, with a blizzard in that town, he can't even return home. But seemingly, he tries to make the best of this situation and succeeds, more or less.

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing is a 1993 movie directed by Kenneth Branagh. Adapted from Shakespeare's play of the same name, this movie's casting considers Kenneth Branagh, Robert Sean Leonard, Emma Thompson, Kate Beckinsale, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves and Michael Keaton.

The story revolves around Hero and Claudio. They are both to be married to each other. However, they ally themselves with Claudio's superior, Don, to hatch a matchmaking scheme. Their plan is to make Benedick and Beatrice fall for each other, which is a very tough task because they both do not believe in love and they are not fond of each other as well. But another person, Don John, has nefarious motives in mind.

The Wedding Banquet

The Wedding Banquet is a 1993 rom-com directed by Ang Lee. Starring Winston Chao, May Chin, Sihung Lung, and Gua Aleh.

The plot revolves around Wai Tung, a Taiwanese man living in New York. He lives with his boyfriend, and both of them are very happy as a couple. But Wai Tung's Taiwanese parents are conservatives. So, Wai Tung has not told them about his sexuality. But things start getting serious when his parents set him up with a girl who is a struggling artist, and he agrees to get married to get his parents off his back. The girl also needed a green card. But their parents decide to throw a giant wedding banquet for them, attracting more attention than they wanted.

For Love or Money

For Love or Money is a 1993 movie directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. If you're looking for 90s romantic movies from Hollywood, this movie is definitely one of them. Starring Michael J. Fox, Gabrielle Anwar, Anthony Higgins, and Bob Balaban.

The movie revolves around a motivated, and hard-working concierge called Doug. He wants to step into business on his own and build a hotel on Roosevelt Island. But he needs money and a lot of it before someone else buys the space. Desperate for the money, Doug helps rich guy Christian hide his affair with a salesperson, Andy, from his wife. Even though Doug likes Andy, he needs the money for his business and decides to help Christian to get the money.

List of 1999 Romantic Comedy Films

Here are the some of the best 90s films of all time:

Notting Hill: Best Rom-Com of All Time

If you are looking for one of the best rom- coms of all time, you need to watch Notting Hill. It is directed by Robert Mitchell and stars Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, and Rhys Ifans. It is a beautiful movie set in scenic London , and you'll definitely feel the British vibes coming through.

The movie revolves around a book owner named William Thacker. William's life is monotonous, and every day is the same in his little bookstore, which doesn't do that well. But his life is turned upside down when a famous actress, Anna Scott, comes to his shop. Their chance encounter leads to an affair between these two people who couldn't be living more different lives. So, will they really get over their differences and fall in love? We need to watch that to find out.

10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You is a 1999 movie directed by Carl Junger. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Heath Ledger, and Julia Stiles, it is one of the best teen 90s rom-com we've all been looking for.

The movie revolves around Cameron, who has recently joined a high school and has fallen head over heels for a girl named Bianca. He wants to ask her out. But Bianca's father has a strict rule: Bianca cannot date until her older sister Kat starts dating anyone. However, Kat is not the type to just date; she is sassy, ​​a bit antisocial and can come off as rude. But when Cameron pays Patrick, a mysterious but handsome boy at their school to date Kat, will this pre planned encounter turn into something more between Kat and Patrick? Or will Cameron get to date the girl he likes so much? Watch the movie to find out.

She's All That: Best Comedy from 90s and 2000s

If you're looking for comedies from the 90s and 2000s with a touch of romance to spice it up, then look no further because She's All That is the movie you've been waiting for. Directed by Robert Iscove, the movie stars 90s heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr, along with Rachel Leigh Cook, Paul Walker, Matthew Lillard and Kieran Culkin.

The movie revolves around a high school jock, Zach. He's envied by everyone because of his popularity, along with the fact that he's dating a cheerleader. But when Zach's girlfriend leaves him to date a much famous guy: a reality tv star, his reputation takes a blow. To get back his reputation, Zach is tasked with doing the impossible; he has to transform high school nerd Laney into a prom queen in six weeks. As Zach takes on this impossible task, he starts to develop feelings for her.

Never Been Kissed

Never been Kissed is a 1999 movie directed by Raja Gosnell. It starts 90s Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore, along with Michael Vartan, David Arquette, and Jessica Alba.

The movie revolves around Josie, who is a copyrighter for a newspaper. However, she has been given a very crucial job. She has to research teenage culture, and for that, Josie must pretend to be a high school student to learn what's new and cool with the kids these days. So, Josie poses as a teen and even becomes a part of the most popular group in school. But things take a turn when Josie starts falling for her English teacher, Sam.

Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride is one of the best 90s rom coms, directed by Gary Marshall. It is the perfect flick, which stars Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, and Joan Cusack.

The movie revolves around Maggie Carpenter and Ike Graham. Graham is a journalist, and he has termed the beautiful Maggie Carpenter the "Runaway Bride". This name was given to her because she has run away from three marriages, leaving the groom standing alone at the altar. However, Graham's facts are called out of not being entirely true, So he goes to Maggie's hometown to record the Runaway Bride in action but instead falls for her.

List of 1997 Romantic Comedy Films

Here is the list of 1997 rom-coms of all time:

My Best Friend's Wedding: Best 90s Rom-Com on Netflix

My Best Friend's Wedding is a 1995 rom-com directed by PJ Hogan. Starring Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Delmont Munroy and Rupert Everett, this movie is funny with the perfect amount of romance in it.

The movie revolves around Jules, a food critic. Before her birthday, she receives a call from her best friend Michael, her best friend and the man she loves. He tells her that he is getting married. Suddenly, Jules is reminded of their pact that if they're both single and unmarried by 28, they will marry each other. So, Jules resolves to go to Michael's wedding and manipulate things to sabotage it. But all attempts backfire on Jules. So, will Jules get to be with the love of her life, or will she marry the other girl? We need to watch to find out.

As Good as It Gets

If you want to watch 90s romantic movies in Hollywood, you should definitely start with this movie. Directed by James L. Brooks, As Good As It Gets is an amazing movie with a spectacular cast consisting of Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Skeet Ulrich, and Greg Kinnear.

The movie revolves around Melvin Udall, who is a romantic fiction writer. However, he has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and he is insufferable to be around. He is rude to everyone, and no one likes him. But when he is tasked with looking after his neighbor's dog, Simon begins to change a little, and his hard exterior begins to crack. He also realizes that he needs to do better and put in efforts to build a relationship with the waitress at the local diner who serves him despite his awful behavior.

Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy is a 1997 romantic movie directed by Kevin Smith. Starring Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, and Jason Lee, this movie is an underrated rom-com worth watching.

The movie revolves around two comic book writers, Holden and Banky. At a comic convention, they meet artist Alyssa Jones. Soon Alyssa becomes friends with Holden and Banky. But Holden becomes smitten with Alyssa and wants more from her than friendship. However, he discovers that she is a lesbian, but this does not stop Holden from confessing to her about his love. But Alyssa acknowledges Holden's feelings, and they get involved romantically. But Holden's friend Banky is angry at Alyssa for coming between their friendship and tries to sabotage Alyssa however he can.

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is a 1997 rom-com directed by Glenn Gordon Caron. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, Jay Mohr and Illeana Douglas, this is a classic rom-com with all the funny bits and romantic bits.

This movie revolves around Kate (played by Jennifer Aniston) who is an ambitious and career oriented woman. She wants to get ahead in her advertising job in any way. But her boss has a one track mind and only promotes people who are married. However , that is a problem as Kate is single. But her friend Darcy gives her an idea to use an acquaintances photo as proof that she is engaged. The ruse works, and she gets promoted, and her career seems to take off. But that ruse seems to backfire on her as her boss demands to meet her fiancé. So Kate gets to track down the man who she doesn't even know that much, and hilarity ensues.

Fools Rush In

Fools Rush In is a 1997 movie directed by Andy Tennant. Starring FRIENDS actor Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek with Jon Tenney and Jill Clayburgh, this movie is everything that is good when it comes to romcoms and definitely worth watching.

After a night spent together with Isabel in Las Vegas, Alex returns to New York and moves on with his life and his job in New York. But sometime later, Isabel shows up and tells Alex that she is pregnant. However, Alex loves living the bachelor life and doesn't know what to do when Isabel becomes pregnant. But he is drawn to Isabel and agrees to get married to her. But things start getting complicated when Isabel's father starts thinking that Alex has evil intentions towards his daughter, and both the families start disapproving of the marriage. Things take an even worse turn when Alex is offered a promotion in New York, and he doesn't know whether to go to New York or stay with his wife and family in Las Vegas.

These was the collection of best 90s romantic comedy movies of all time. One can watch them anytime when bored. However, to enjoy them better one needs to download the movies to watch them.

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Final Thoughts

So, we have reached the end of this blog. I hope these movie recommendations of 90s romantic movies from Hollywood are good option to spend quality time. So, what are you waiting for? Download the movie, call your friends over, grab some popcorn and put on one of these movies for a fun weekend sleepover/hangout!

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