Online shopping has made its way into this world. Going to markets and wasting time traveling from one shop to another is no longer a headache. You can reach out to any product anywhere in the world with a phone click. As much as online shopping has saved our time, it has opened ways for people to sell fraud and scammed products. It may save your time, but online shopping always seems a risk.

With all its perks, Amazon is still liable for such scams. Amazon review checkers like Reviewmeta or Fakespot analyzer are specially designed to help you. A review checker is a safeguard of your money and Amazon's reputation. Without this Amazon reviewer, God knows how many people would have been looted since now.

All You Need to Know About Amazon:

In the online shopping market, Amazon is a big name. It offers each kind of product ranging from electronics to groceries. It can be said without any doubt that Amazon's products are authentic most of the time.

All You Need to Know About Amazon

However, despite being a reputable site, some sellers find ways to scam the buyers. The major concern faced today is fake reviews. These sellers use hacking tricks or fake buyers to add product reviews. A product having 10 to 20 good reviews will compel you to buy it. But when you receive the package, it may be opposite to what you ordered. That is where the best amazon reviewer; the Amazon review checker comes to the rescue.

What is an Amazon Review Checker?

When you are looking forward to buying any product online, the first thing you check is the reviews on that product. Reviews by people who had bought it before are the actual security for that product.

Where some people rely totally on reviews, others are scammed by fake reviews. Yes! that is also happening. Amazon is a trustworthy shopping site, but frauds have contaminated it.

Amazon Review checker, one of the best amazon reviewer, is your savior here. This special application is built specifically to filter out fake reviews. They are your companions who will save your money from going down the drain.

What is an Amazon Review Checker?

Some Knowledge about Amazon Review Checker:

Review checkers are programs or websites designed to elevate your Amazon shopping experience. Several websites are available to screen out the reviews not by potential buyers, leaving you with authentic reviews. These review checkers are just like pesticides, removing fake or unwanted weeds and leaving behind lush green crops for you!

Why Do You Need an Amazon Review Checker?

No one wants to spend money on a product they don't know about. Reviews are the only way of knowing how the product will appear in your package. But you risk your money in vicious gambling if reviews can be faked. That is where you will need the help of a review checker.

You may view a product on Amazon with a rating of 5 or 6. There are almost 7 to 8 reviews on the product, all of which tell it is worth buying. If you are smart, you will have an instinct to further investigate the product before betting your money on it. A Review checker is specifically made for this purpose. With this tool, you can get all the information you need. It will remove unnatural reviews and show you the product's real rating.

How to Use an Amazon Review Checker?

This tool is easy to use and saves your time and tension from being scammed. With the growth of online shopping markets, these tools are made accessible to each and everyone around the globe. They do not come with the complex tactics of downloading or using. They are available for both mobile phones and your desktop. You can Google them and add an extension to your chrome.

Some of the best review checkers include ReviewMeta and Fakespot analyzer. They are easy to use and give excellent results. There is a small guide on how to use them:


Reviewmeta is a renowned amazon reviews checker. It has modified programs to detect fake reviews and ratings. To make them help you filter the reviews, you have to follow some basic steps:

  • First, go to Amazon and open the product you wish to buy.
  • Copy its URL/product link to your clipboard.
  • Now search on your Google chrome.
  • The page will have a box at the top telling you to paste the URL.
  • Paste the copied URL here and click on "run report."
  • ReviewMeta will show you an elaborate detail consisting of 12 reports on various aspects of the product.


Only a few steps will expose all the fake reviews and ratings, leaving behind the truth of the product. That’s what list this amazon reviews checker among some of the best review checkers.

Fakespot analyzer:

Fakespot analyzer works in the same way as ReviewMeta. This review checker will need you to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Copy the URL of the desired product from Amazon.
  • Open from Google search.
  • Paste the copied URL to the box on Fakespot's home page.
  • Click on "analyze."

Fakespot analyzer

Fakespot, an amazon reviews checker, will give a complete report on the product using intelligence programs to get the data. This review checker is unique in that it provides a lot of data on the product in addition to filtering reviews. They also give all relatable information on the seller.

How to Download Videos from Amazon Prime Videos?

Amazon Prime Video is an elite service offered by Amazon where you can watch your favorite shows by buying a subscription to Amazon Videos.

While Amazon Prime Video offers high-quality streaming when connected to the internet, many people prefer watching online. For this purpose, there are certain options you can adopt.

You can do screen recordings of your shows while watching to save them for the future. The other easy way is to use a third-party video downloader. These video downloaders charge you a little, but they work harmoniously with Amazon video to provide you with vast downloading options. Some of them are highlighted here to help you out.

MyStream Amazon Downloader:

MyStream Amazon downloader is available for Mac and Windows. It allows you to download Amazon videos in 1080p and has incredible audio options. It is available in various regions, saving you the trouble of a VPN.

MyStream Amazon downloader

How to use MyStream:

  • Open MyStream and go to "VIP services."
  • Choose "Amazon."
  • Search for your show or video.
  • Click "download"

Your videos will appear in the section for downloads.

BBFly Amazon Downloader:

It works the same as any other video downloader service. It is also a trustworthy tool for your downloads.BBFly Amazon Downloader offers excellent video quality with audio options and subtitles. You can also avail dubbings in your downloading videos. It will save your internet data, providing you with an experience equivalent to live streaming.

BBFly Amazon Downloader

Guide to BBFly:

  • Get to BBFly tool from the website.
  • Open the homepage and choose "Amazon" from streaming services.
  • Search for your related videos.
  • Press "download."

Your shows will start downloading, and you can open them anytime from the "downloads" option.

Summing Up:

Online shopping sites like Amazon do not always provide what they show in pictures. The only solution to this problem is review checker tools. Amazon review checkers are built to help you recognize fake products by exposing unnatural reviews. So if you are an Amazon person, make these tools your go-to companions before buying anything.

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One-Stop Solution to Download Movies from Hot Over-the-Top Platforms.
Your best Pal for Downloading Streaming Videos from 200+ Websites.
Best Choice for Downloading Movies and Shows from Over 100 Websites