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Part 1: YouTube2mp3: 5 Tips You Should Know
Part 2: How to Convert YouTube2MP3: A Reliable YouTube Converter
Part 3: Top 6 YouTube2mp3 Apps
Part 4: Summary:

A lot of people wish to grab several YouTube videos in MP3 format for one or another. Mostly, the need to convert YouTube2MP3 comes in when you come across a trending music video and you wish to extract the audio so that you can play it offline or share it with other people.

Regardless, there could be other reasons why you may want to convert YouTube2MP3 – all you need is a reliable YouTube to MP3 converter app you could use across platforms. Inarguably, there are a bunch of apps out there that promise to convert YouTube to Mp3, but not all of them work across platforms.

YouTube2mp3: 5 Tips You Should Know

Here are some handy tips you need to know about converting YouTube videos to MP3 or any other audio format for offline listening.

Is it Legal to Convert Youtube2mp3?

Yes, it is legal to download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 format using media conversion software apps. It is also legal to directly convert YouTube videos to MP3 using YouTube2MP3 converters. Either way, you are infringing YouTube policies by grabbing copyright-free stuff from the platform.

Where Could You Find The Best Youtube2mp3 Converter?

There are so many tools, apps, and software programs that act as YouTube2MP3 converters. However, if you're looking for the best to use, KeepVid YouTube to MP3 features the best interface you'd ever expect of a YouTube2MP3 converter.

What Should A Good Youtube2mp3 Converter Have?

A good YouTube2MP3 converter should be accessible across platforms – it should feature a clean interface that is easily understandable to everyone. Also, it should be very easy to use with minimal or no intrusive ads.

How to Listen To YouTube In The Background Or With Screen Off?

The best way to listen to YouTube in the background is to download the YouTube video as audio and play it using your favorite media player app. Alternatively, you can open the YouTube video in a web browser (on your smartphone) and request to view the page in “ Desktop View ” from the “ more ” options on your browser – afterward, minimize the browser, open the notification panel , and click the “ Play ” button that'd appear there.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 Losslessly

You need a YouTube2MP3 converter that supports lossless conversion before you can convert YouTube to audio losslessly.

How to Convert YouTube2MP3: A Reliable YouTube Converter

With much already said about YouTube2MP3 conversion, you'd definitely be craving to know how you can do that. The Keepvid YouTube to MP3 converter is a cross-platform intuitive app that allows you to grab YouTube contents as MP3 audio files.

Keepvid YouTube2mp3 features a clean interface and it is very easy to use. More so, it works faster than most other apps that convert YouTube to audio formats. Furthermore, Keepvid YouTube to MP3 converter runs on MacBooks, PC, smartphones (iOS and Android) , and other devices that support web browsers. If you're looking for a reliable YouTube2mp3 online converter, this is a viable option for you to use.

Top 7 YouTube2mp3 Programs

Inarguably, you'd find a bunch of good apps that let you convert YouTube2MP3. Here are a few of the top best options that work on Android and iOS smartphones.

1. Keepvid YouTube To MP3 Converter


The Keepvid YouTube to MP3 Online Converter is practically the fastest YouTube2MP3 app you can use. It works on Android smartphones and iPhones/iPad. Keepvid YouTube2MP3 app lets you rip audio from YouTube videos in high quality for offline listening or sharing. It works in just two steps:

  • Copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in on the address bar on the Keepvid YouTube2MP3 app website.

  • Click the download button and choose an audio quality to save to your device

2. YouTubeToMP3 Converter


YouTubeToMP3 Converter is a free online converter app that allows you to convert YouTube2MP3. It also works on Android devices and iPhones via web browsers. This YouTube2MP3 app features an intuitive interface that can be easily understood by anyone; plus, it supports various audio qualities – so you can choose any quality you want.

3. MP3YouTube


MP3YouTube is a popular online YouTube converter app that allows you to grab YouTube videos in audio format. It is a cross-platform YouTube2MP3 app, so it works on both Android and iOS devices. MP3YouTube flaunts a simplified user interface with instructions on how you can use the app. Simply paste a valid YouTube video URL and hit the “ Convert ” button.

4. ListentoYouTube


ListentoYouTube is yet another top YouTube2MP3 online converter you can use on Android smartphones, iOS devices, PCs, and MacBook. It is a reliable app for converting YouTube videos to MP3 format seamlessly. ListentoYouTube features a clear-cut interface and supports quite a bunch of formats. More so, ListentoYouTube guarantees you a stable and fast online conversion speed even if it is a web-based YouTube2MP3 tool. It is entirely safe and legal.

5. Y2Mate


When looking for the best YouTube2MP3 converter app. Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 converter is one of the options you should consider. It features a super-clean interface and lets you convert YouTube videos to high-quality MP3 audio files. Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 converter works on Android and iOS devices; plus, it is totally free to use.

6. ClipConverter YouTube Converter


The ClipConverter YouTube to MP3 converter is one of the best YouTube2MP3 apps for Android and iOS smartphones. It runs through web browsers and provides you with a few “Conversion Options” to customize your download. ClipConverter YouTube to MP3 converter is distinctive and free across platforms .


YouTube2MP3 simply means “YouTube To MP3.” These online apps that are listed are some of the top best applications that allow you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files regardless of the device you're using.

As web-based applications, they run through web browsers and they are also free to use. It is legal and safe to use any of these YouTube2MP3 apps to download content from YouTube.

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